Our team

Editorial Board

Patrick Curry, London, UK
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Eileen Crist, Blacksburg, VA, USA
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Adam Dickerson, Canberra, ACT, Australia
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Joe Gray, St Albans, UK
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Ian Whyte, Ottawa, ON, Canada
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Stephanie Moran, London, UK
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Salomón Bazbaz Lapidus (Director – Cumbre Tajín Festival), Papantla de Olarte, Mexico

Victor Postnikov, Kiev, Ukraine
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Sandy Irvine, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, UK
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Ted Mosquin, Lanark, ON, Canada
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David Abram (Cultural Ecologist and Geophilosopher), Upper Rio Grande Valley, NM, USA
Melinda Alfano (Graduate in Water Resources), New York, NY, USA
Oussou Lio Appolinaire (Practitioner of Earth Jurisprudence), Avrankou, Benin
María Valeria Berros (Researcher in Rights of Nature), Santa Fe, Argentina
David Blackwell (Educator and Nature-lover), Halifax, NS, Canada
Susana Borràs Pentinat (Lecturer in Public International Law), Tarragona, Spain
Tom Butler (Writer and Activist), Huntington, VT, USA
Nigel Cooper (Chaplain and Biologist), Cambridge, UK
Paul Cryer (Conservationist), Hillcrest, South Africa
Cormac Cullinan (Environmental Attorney and Author), Cape Town, South Africa
John Davis (Wildways Trekker), Westport, NY, USA
Alan Watson Featherstone (Founder and Visionary – Trees for Life), Findhorn, UK
Mumta Ito (Lawyer, Zoologist and Founder – Nature's Rights), Forres, UK
Marjolein Kok (Environmental Activist and Researcher), Utrecht, the Netherlands
Helen Kopnina (Environmental Anthropologist), Leiden, the Netherlands
Joseph Lambert (Researcher in Earth Jurisprudence), London, UK
Sandra Lubarsky (Scholar in Sustainability), Flagstaff, AZ, USA
Michelle Maloney (National Convenor – Australian Earth Laws Alliance), Brisbane, QLD, Australia
Alexandra Marcelino (Jurist in Environmental Law), Lisbon, Portugal
Maria Carolina Negrini (Lawyer), São Paolo, Brazil
Vanja Palmers (Buddhist Teacher promoting Animal Rights), Lucerne, Switzerland
Alessandro Pelizzon (Researcher in Earth-Centred Law), Lismore, NSW, Australia
John J Piccolo (Associate Professor in Environmental and Life Sciences), Karlstad, Sweden
Deborah Rose (Adjunct Professor in Environmental Humanities), Sydney, NSW, Australia
Coyote Alberto Ruz Buenfil (Environmental and Social Activist), Huehuecoyotl Ecovillage, Mexico
Dyane Sherwood (Jungian Psychoanalyst), Oberlin, OH, USA
Vandana Shiva (Scholar and Environmental Activist), Delhi, India
Steve Szeghi (Professor of Economics), Wilmington, OH, USA
Bron Taylor (Professor of Religion, Nature and Environmental Ethics), Gainesville, FL, USA
Andrew Walton (Bioregionalist), Birmingham, UK
Haydn Washington (Environmental Scientist and Activist), Sydney, NSW, Australia
Rachel Waters (Academic and Advocacy Journalist), Brooklyn, NY, USA
Fiona Wilton (Programme Coordinator – Gaia Foundation), Colombia/Uruguay
Doug Woodard (Environmentalist), St Catharines, ON, Canada
George Wuerthner (Photographer, Author and Activist), Bend, OR, USA
Peter Jingcheng Xu (Researcher in Literature), Beijing, China
Mersha Yilma (Practitioner of Earth Jurisprudence), Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
Suzanne York (Director – Transition Earth), San Francisco, CA, USA