The Ecological Citizen: Confronting human supremacy


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Beyond the North American Wildlife Conservation Model and towards Earth rights

Anja Heister

The Ecological Citizen Vol 3 Suppl A 2019: 67–74

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For nearly 150 years, the view of wild animals as 'renewable natural resources' and 'property' to be managed, controlled and used has dominated wildlife management and conservation in the US. The North American Wildlife Conservation Model is the driver of this strong anthropocentric and utilitarian stance, which has not only led to an annual killing spree where millions of wild animals lose their lives to hunters and trappers nationwide but has also resulted in a staggering spiral of plant and animal extinctions globally. This article examines the worldview of the North American Wildlife Conservation Model and its dangers, and it points out the need for compassion for all Earthlings and for the embrace of Earth rights. The author also provides steps everyone interested in changing the paradigm of lethal management of wild animals can take to help accelerate the transition.



Animal ethics, Anthropocentrism, Biodiversity, Conservation, Rights of nature