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The endangered phenomenon of animal migration, and the dissonance between doing science and achieving conservation

Joel Berger

The Ecological Citizen Vol 3 Suppl A 2019: 79–85

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For conservation to succeed across broad scales, more than science and more vocal scientists are needed. The public must be motivated and attendant concerns rendered into policy actions. Despite burgeoning data sets coupled with substantive concerns about the persistence of land, water, and aerial migrations, sadly not enough is being done to sustain Earth's animal migrations. Among an array of bold tactics that will help are these: Universities, among other educational institutions, need to restructure their internal reward systems so that faculty can be incentivized for biodiversity activities to benefit ecological health. And, regardless of age or background, spokespersons from all walks of life must emerge and defend migration as an intrinsic and important component of biodiversity and its conversation.



Biodiversity, Conservation, Conservation movement