The Ecological Citizen: Confronting human supremacy


Doug Peacock

Doug grew up in the Great Lakes region of North America and attended the University of Michigan. After leaving university, Doug served as a Special Forces medic in the Vietnam War, which was an emotionally harrowing and physically draining experience. On returning to the States after two tours of duty, Doug sought solitude and solace in the wild mountains, deserts and tundra of North America. It was his presence in the world of grizzly bears that ultimately cured his demons from the war, and he emerged from his healing an eco-warrior. During this phase of his life, he met the writer Edward Abbey, who drew inspiration from Doug for the character George Washington Hayduke in his novel The Monkey Wrench Gang. Doug has spent the last half-century fighting to save the grizzly bear, his own saviour, and he is founder of Save the Yellowstone Grizzly.



Interview with Doug Peacock
Interview  [Vol 4 No 1 2020: 30–32]