Call for artists

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By Stephanie Moran, Art Editor, and Salomón Bazbaz Lapidus, Art Advisor

We are inviting artists to submit artworks to The Ecological Citizen and are interested in pieces on any of the themes listed below. We are seeking full-page spreads across 2–4 pages, single-page artworks and individual smaller drawings and images. We are looking for a range of artworks that fit with the ecocentric ethos of the Journal.

Artworks may relate to the Journal's topic areas listed below, or be images of animals and other nature including but not limited to: observational drawings, landscapes of all kinds, macro and cosmic perspectives, and animal vision.

We are also looking for artists to respond to written articles with smaller drawings; please contact the Art Editor, via the contact form linked to below, if you would be interested in making work specifically in response to submitted articles.

Artworks must be suitable to place in an online journal format, to fit onto A4 pages, and should be provided in high resolution (300 dpi) at intended size for the A4 page.

You are advised to contact the Art Editor in advance if you would like to make a submission, with a brief description of what you plan to send through. To do this, please use our contact form. Once you have heard back from the Journal, you may be asked to send through some low-resolution examples of your work.

Topic areas for the Journal

 Biodiversity and bioabundance

 Protection and restoration of wilder habitats

 Animal welfare

 Energy and climate change

 Waste and toxics

 Human overpopulation and overconsumption

 Philosophical aspects of ecocentrism, Deep Ecology and deep green ethics

 Earth-centred law

 Ecological aesthetics and art

 The ecological potential of urban life

 Religious support for protecting the ecosphere

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