The Ecological Citizen: A peer-reviewed ecocentric journal

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Vol 6 No 1 2023

Issue with partial focus on rewilding

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From darkness back into the light: Humanity’s rewilding imperative
Editorial  [Pages: 3–8]
Gray J, Crist E
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The price of wildlife: Trophy hunting and conservation in Africa
Opinion  [Pages: 9–11]
Sapp M
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Rewilding the skeleton: A vision for nature’s rebounding on a crowded island
Reflection  [Pages: 16–19]
Gibson C
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Gold Creek
Reflection  [Pages: 20–4]
Manning R
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Bringing wildest Africa back to life
Snapshot  [Pages: 29–31]
Greeff-Villet LM
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Saving Puttenahalli Lake (Bengaluru, India)
Snapshot  [Pages: 32–40]
Rajagopalan U
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Rewilding: The many-faceted movement that demands a resounding Yes
Long article  [Pages: 45–51]
Veltrop S
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Living in truth in a time of ecological ‘emergency’ and emergence: Vaclav Havel as eco-guru
Long article  [Pages: 52–9]
Read R
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Is there moral justification to eat meat?
Long article  [Pages: 60–5]
Tague GF
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Rewriting civilization for the ecological citizen: How and why storytelling can empower and mobilize sustained ecological actions
Long article  [Pages: 66–73]
Lewis A
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Remembering a father tree: A tribute to Dave Foreman (1946–2022)
In memoriam  [Pages: 77–80]
Davis J
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Intricacy and infinity: A tribute to EO Wilson (1929–2021)
In memoriam  [Pages: 81–3]
Hiss T
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Poetry and prose section from The Ecological Citizen Vol 6 No 1
Poetry section  [Pages: 88–96]
Postnikov V (Editor)
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Fiction section from The Ecological Citizen Vol 6 No 1
Fiction section  [Pages: 102–6]
Gray J (Editor)
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