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Vol 3 Suppl A 2019

‘The biodiversity crisis’ – guest edited by Eileen Crist and Joe Gray

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The biodiversity crisis must be placed front and centre
Editorial  [Pages: 5–6]
Gray J, Crist E
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The silence of the humpback whale
Long article  [Pages: 7–11]
Moore KD
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The green world
Long article  [Pages: 13–21]
Hogan T
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Addressing global insect meltdown
Snapshot  [Pages: 23–6]
Samways MJ
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Restoring the living ocean: The time is now
Long article  [Pages: 27–41]
Crist E
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‘Making hay’: A conditional defence on ecocentric grounds of various co-created habitats
Long article  [Pages: 43–54]
Gray J
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Sensory pollution and the biodiversity crisis
Snapshot  [Pages: 55–7]
Parris KM
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The thin green line: Scientists must do more to limit the toll of burgeoning infrastructure on nature and society
Special feature  [Pages: 59–65]
Laurance W
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Beyond the North American Wildlife Conservation Model and towards Earth rights
Long article  [Pages: 67–74]
Heister A
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How biodiversity is both impacted by and a solution for climate change
Snapshot  [Pages: 75–6]
Lovejoy TE
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The unnoticed collapse of big freshwater animals
Snapshot  [Pages: 77–8]
Keim B
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The endangered phenomenon of animal migration, and the dissonance between doing science and achieving conservation
Long article  [Pages: 79–85]
Berger J
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Nature needs half: Implications for population, consumption and inequality in the ‘other half’
Long article  [Pages: 87–91]
Mikkelson GM
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Excerpted chapters from On Beauty: Douglas R. Tompkins—aesthetics and activism
Excerpt  [Pages: 93–100]
Butler T, Lubarsky S
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In defence of tears
Reflection  [Pages: 101–3]
Leadbeater S
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Thinking and walking with The Sonoran Desert: A literary field guide
Book review  [Pages: 104–5]
Boscacci L
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