The Ecological Citizen: A peer-reviewed ecocentric journal

Pieces with keyword ‘Ecodemocracy’


De-centring humans from environmental valuation: Introducing the Life Framework of Values
Opinion by  Seb O'Connor[Vol 3 No 2 2020: 117–18]
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Ecodemocracy: Operationalizing ecocentrism through political representation for non-humans
Long article by  Joe Gray et al.[Vol 3 No 2 2020: 166–77]
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Water – a free-flowing subject that reveals the urgent need for humanity to change its course
Editorial by  Joe Gray and Ian Whyte[Vol 2 No 2 2019: 121–7]
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Reasons for a reduction of humans’ impact on the ecosphere
Opinion by  Joe Gray[Vol 1 No 1 2017: 17–18]
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Rights of nature: A report on a conference in Switzerland
Meeting report by  Marie-Lise Schläppy and Joe Gray[Vol 1 No 1 2017: 95–6]
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