The Ecological Citizen: A peer-reviewed ecocentric journal

Pieces with keyword ‘Species reintroductions’


Bringing wildest Africa back to life
Snapshot by  Lise-Marie Greeff-Villet[Vol 6 No 1 2023: 29–31]
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Rewilding the skeleton: A vision for nature’s rebounding on a crowded island
Reflection by  Chris Gibson[Vol 6 No 1 2023: 16–19]
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Global Charter for Rewilding the Earth
Charter by  Rewilding Charter Working Group[Vol 4 Suppl A 2020: 6–21]
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Introduction to the ‘Global Charter for Rewilding the Earth’
Editorial by  Vance Martin[Vol 4 Suppl A 2020: 5]
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Beavers are still facing an uncertain future in Scotland
Reflection by  Alan Watson Featherstone[Vol 4 No 2 2021: 123–5]
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A positive future for beavers in Scotland
Opinion by  Alan Watson Featherstone[Vol 1 No 1 2017: 27–8]
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