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Statement of Commitment to Ecocentrism

Developed by Haydn Washington, Bron Taylor, Helen Kopnina, Paul Cryer and John J Piccolo

With editorial input from Patrick Curry, Ian Whyte, Joe Gray, Michelle Maloney and Mumta Ito

We, the undersigned, hold and advocate an ecocentric worldview that finds intrinsic (inherent) value in all of nature and the ecosphere.

Ecocentrism takes a much wider view of the world than does anthropocentrism, which sees individual humans and the human species as more valuable than all other organisms. Ecocentrism is the broadest of worldviews, but there are related worldviews. However, ecocentrism goes beyond biocentrism (ethics that sees inherent value in all living things) by including environmental systems as wholes and their abiotic aspects. It also goes beyond zoocentrism (seeing value in animals) on account of explicitly including flora and other organisms, as well as their ecological contexts. Given that life relies on geology and geomorphology to sustain it, and that 'geodiversity' also has intrinsic value, the broader term 'ecocentrism' is the more inclusive concept and value, and hence most appropriate.

We maintain that the ecosphere, including the life it contains, is an inherent good, irrespective of whether humans are the ones valuing it. It is true that (as far as we know) humans are the only species that reflects on and applies moral values. However, we can also understand that elements of the ecosphere have co-evolved to form a wondrous complexity – and contend that nature has value for itself. Ecocentrism recognizes that humans have responsibility towards the ecosphere, moral sentiments that are increasingly expressed in the language of rights. Such 'rights of nature' are now enshrined in some national constitutions, and are variously termed Earth jurisprudence, rights of nature, earth law and wild law.

Ecocentrism is important for multiple reasons:

In ethical terms: Ecocentrism expands the moral community beyond our own species, to all life, and indeed, to terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems themselves. There is compelling philosophical and scientific justification for extending moral concern to all of the ecosphere, both its biotic and abiotic components.

In evolutionary terms: Ecocentrism reflects the fact that Homo sapiens evolved out of the ecosphere's rich web of life, which has a legacy stretching back an almost unimaginable 3.5 billion years. Other species literally are our cousins and relatives (close and distant) – a biological kinship that many have recognized as conferring moral responsibilities towards all species.

In spiritual terms: Historical and social scientific analysis demonstrates that many people (and some societies) have developed an ecocentric worldview. There is strong evidence that ecocentric values are increasingly being fused into nature-based, ecocentric spiritualities. With such spiritualties, even people who are entirely naturalistic in their worldviews often speak of the Earth and its ecosystems as sacred, and thus worthy of reverent care and defence.

In governance terms: Governance systems – including our legal, economic and political systems – must recognize the interdependence of ecological and social systems and be transformed to respect the rights of nature to exist, thrive and evolve.

In ecological terms: Ecocentrism reminds us that the ecosphere and all life is interdependent and that both human and nonhuman organisms are absolutely dependent on the ecosystem processes that nature provides. An anthropocentric conservation ethic alone is wholly inadequate for conserving biodiversity. Ecocentrism is rooted in an evolutionary understanding that reminds us that we are latecomers to what Aldo Leopold evocatively called the "odyssey of evolution". Ecology teaches humility, as we do not know everything about the world's ecosystems, and never will. This leads quite naturally to a precautionary approach towards all the systems that constitute the ecosphere, so that where there are threats of serious or irreversible damage, a lack of full scientific certainty ought not to be used as a reason for postponing remedial action.

How ecocentrism can lead us to a sustainable future

Although we hold an ecocentric worldview because we believe it is ethically just, we contend that it is also practical because it counters humanity's relentless drive towards 'dominion over nature'. Society's overconsumption and overexploitation of nature has led to global and accelerating degradation of the ecosphere. Ecocentrism encourages us to see the rest of life as our kin, something we should respect for its own sake as well as our own. Those with an ecocentric worldview cannot silently tolerate mass anthropogenic extinctions, nor the suffering that accompanies environmental degradation. Ecocentrism encourages empathy with life, listening to the land and, above all, taking action to protect and heal the planet. Ecocentrism can also help lead to a sustainable future by encouraging a sense of wonder about the world around us. This can help us find the ethics we require if we are to take the difficult actions needed to sustain the ecosphere that supports our society. Whether it involves solving global crises like climate change or mass extinction, or contributing to local initiatives, ecocentrism can help humanity seek sustainable solutions.


Everyone (even academics seeking objectivity) are influenced by their worldview, ethics and values. To date, most Western thought has been rooted in an anthropocentric worldview. Despite great progress on some environmental fronts, it has become increasingly clear that an anthropocentric worldview provides an insufficient basis for preserving ecospheric diversity. We maintain that a transformation towards an ecocentric worldview is a necessary path for the flourishing of life on Earth, including that of our own species.

We, the undersigned, are convinced that the future of our living planet is dependent upon the recognition of the intrinsic value of nature, and strong support for ecocentrism as a worldview. We all have a duty to communicate this whenever possible and to undertake, promote and endeavour to inspire action in accordance with this worldview. 

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List of signatories to this Statement

Total number of signatories to date: 1351

Last updated: 2024-04-24


A selection of well-known signatories (in order of signing)

(Full list of signatories follows below)

Michael Paul Nelson (philosopher)

Reed Noss (conservation biologist)

Jeannie Baker (artist)

Tom Butler (deep ecologist)

J Baird Callicott (environmental philosopher)

Kathleen Dean Moore (philosopher)

David Casagrande (environmental anthropologist)

John Seed (deep ecologist)

Jonathon Porritt (environmentalist)

Herman Daly (ecological economist)

Philip Cafaro (environmental philosopher)

Zana Briski (artist)

Cormac Cullinan (environmental lawyer)

Daniel Janzen (conservation biologist)

Eileen Crist (environmental sociologist)

Ricardo Rozzi (conservation biologist)

Joanna Macy (deep ecologist)

John Vucetich (conservation biologist)

David Suzuki (environmentalist)

Marc Bekoff (compassionate conservationist)

Jane Goodall (primatologist)

William Rees (environmental scientist)

David Naguib Pellow (environmental sociologist)

Colin Soskolne (epidemiologist)

David Ehrenfeld (conservation biologist)

Michael Soulé (conservation biologist)

Paul Ehrlich (environmental scientist)

Anne Ehrlich (environmental scientist)

Sarah Darwin (botanist)

Holmes Rolston III (environmental philosopher)

Freya Mathews (environmental philosopher)

John Davis (wildways trekker)

Geraldine Brooks (writer)

Will Steffen (sustainability scholar)

Terry Chapin (ecologist)

Tony Hiss (writer and lecturer)


Full signatories list

Dr Haydn Washington – Adjunct Lecturer (PANGEA Research Centre, UNSW), Australia. Prof Bron Taylor – Professor of Religion, Nature and Environmental Ethics (University of Gainesville, Florida), USA. Dr Helen Kopnina – Assistant Professor, Anthropology (Leiden University and the Hague University of Applied Science), Netherlands. Paul Cryer – Conservationist (Applied Ecology Unit, African Conservation Trust), South Africa. Dr John J Piccolo – Associate Professor, Department of Environmental and Life Sciences (Karlstad University), Sweden. Dr Patrick Curry – Independent Scholar and Writer (The Ecological Citizen), UK. Ian Whyte – Field Naturalist (The Ecological Citizen), Canada. Joe Gray – Field Naturalist (The Ecological Citizen), UK. Karen Whyte – Artist, Canada. Romita Das – Organic Gardener, UK. John Ben Soileau – PhD Candidate in Cultural Anthropology (University of Illinois, Urbana–Champaign), USA. Jeff Todd Titon – Professor (Brown University), USA. Michael Martin – Assistant Professor of English (University of Charleston), USA. Rosemary Gianno – Professor (Keene State College), USA. Theresa Burriss – Chair, Appalachian Studies (Radford University), USA. Sandy Irvine (Green Party, England), UK. Engelbert Fellinger – Communications Professional and Teacher, Netherlands. Howard Clifford (Land Trusts), Canada. Brian Miller – Retiree, USA. Dr John R Coulter – Retired Scientist and Environmentalist, Australia. Eva Schlunke – Artist, UK. Jacob D Christensen – Eco-citizen, Taiwan. Dr Marsha Quinlan – Associate Professor, Anthropology (Washington State University), USA. Geoff Mosley – Australian Director of CASSE (Centre for Advancement of Steady State Economy), Australia. Jonathan Miller – Ecologist, Australia. Oscar Askling – Kalkningshandläggare (Länsstyrelsen Värmland), Sweden. Jenny Goldie – Science Journalist, Australia. Dr Lisa Roberts – Living Data Program Leader (University of Technology Sydney), Australia. Carina van Rooyen – Senior Lecturer, Anthropology and Development Studies (University of Johannesburg), South Africa. David Edward Robertson – Concerned Retiree (University of Queensland), Australia. Dr Jane O'Sullivan – Honorary Senior Research Associate, Australia. Michael D Sitka-Sage – Educator (Simon Fraser University), Canada. Noa Lincoln – Assistant Researcher (University of Hawai'i), USA. Reingard Spannring – Sociologist and Educational Scientist (University of Innsbruck), Austria. Prof Michael Paul Nelson – Professor of Environmental Ethics and Philosophy (Oregon State University), USA. Reed F Noss – Naturalist, USA. Mrs Regine Herzog, Guatemala. Lory S Kaufman – Writer, Canada. David Blackwell, EdD – Retired Educator, Canada. Dr Nejm Benessaiah – Postdoctoral Fellow (University of Maryland), USA. Dr Daniel O'Neill – Lecturer in Ecological Economics (University of Leeds), UK. Sam Bliss – PhD Student (University of Vermont), USA. Coyote Alberto Ruz Buenfil – Writer, Eco-activist and Historian (Rights of Mother Earth – Mexico), Mexico. Dr Rupert J Read – Reader in Philosophy and Chair of Green House (UEA), UK. Victor Anderson – Research Fellow (Green House), UK. Brian G Henning – Professor of Philosophy and Environmental Studies (Gonzaga University), USA. Sam Earle – PhD Candidate and Researcher (UEA/Perspectiva), UK. Steve Kiser – Citizen of Planet Earth, Netherlands. Linda Mosquin – Retired Teacher, Canada. Dr Ted Mosquin – Naturalist and Retired Ecologist, Canada. Cynthia Twyford Fowler – Associate Professor (Wofford College), USA. Frederick W Schueler, PhD – Research Curator (Fragile Inheritance Natural History), Canada. Cathel Hutchison – PhD Candidate, School of Architecture (University of Dundee), UK. Bernard Walke – Earthling, Canada. Wallace Platts – Student of Nature, Cayman Islands. Britt Roscoe – Environmental Planner, Canada. Lucille Kelly – Student (La Trobe University), Australia. Jack Stillwell – Retired Historian, USA. Vivek – Environmentalist (Centre for Science and Environment), India. Liam Lilly, Planet Earth. Emilie Hall – Marine Biologist, UK. Christopher Padley – Local Government Election Candidate, UK. JM Louro – Human Being, Portugal. Hannah Gray Kent – PhD Researcher (University of Leeds), UK. Michael Stanton – Environmental Social Scientist, USA. Gavin O'Donnell – Environmental Sciences Student (UEA), UK. Jeannie Baker – Children's Book Artist and Author, Australia. Rosalie Chapple – Ecologist (Blue Mountains World Heritage Institute), Australia. Anna Schlunke – Steady Stater, Australia. Matthew Washington – Treasurer (Centre for Advancement of Steady State Economy NSW), Australia. Tom Butler – Vice President (Foundation for Deep Ecology), USA. J Baird Callicott – University Distinguished Research Professor Emeritus (University of North Texas), USA. Kathleen Dean Moore – Author, USA. Luciana Figueiredo Jones – Citizen of Planet Earth, Australia. James Magnus-Johnston – Director (CMU Centre for Ecological and Economic Resilience), Canada. Phil Jones – Science Teacher, Australia. Dr Gary Luck – Professor of Ecology and Interdisciplinary Science (Charles Sturt University), Australia. Martin Johansson – Fish Keeper, Sweden. Larni Gryphon – Clinical Teaching Associate (James Cook University), Australia. Ruth Armstrong – Postgraduate Researcher (University of Leeds), UK. Erwin Dreessen, PhD, Canada. Natasha Oklobdzija, Australia. Erik Assadourian – Senior Fellow (Worldwatch Institute), USA. Denise Mendes de Figueiredo – Retired Dentist, Brazil. David Casagrande – Professor of Environmental Anthropology (Lehigh University), USA. John Seed – Activist (Rainforest Information Centre), Australia. Ann Pancake – Writer in Residence (University of Hawai'i Manoa), USA. Rosemary Bunting – Environmentalist (Open University), UK. Linda Heron – Chair (Ontario Rivers Alliance), Canada. Jessica Yuille – Environment Coordinator (Brahma Kumaris Australia), Australia. Manon Danker – Environmental Sociologist, Netherlands. Natália Britto dos Santos – PhD Student, Economics for the Anthropocene (York University, Toronto), Canada. Timothy Crownshaw – PhD Student (McGill University), Canada. Melissa Nicole Harnett – Student (Massey University), New Zealand. Jonathon Porritt (Forum for the Future), UK. Mitchell Thomashow – Independent Scholar and President Emeritus (Unity College), USA. Matthew Burke – Graduate Student, USA. Joshua C Farley – Professor of Ecological Economics (University of Vermont), USA. Adam Gilbertson – Anthropologist (UNC Chapel Hill), USA. Hal Anjo – Naturalist, USA. Michael H Stalder – Retired California State Park Ranger, USA. Sabrina Reiniger – Nature-lover, Germany. Christian Reiniger – Human, Germany. Ms Julie Favell, Australia. Renae Barton – Artist, Beekeeper and Ecocentrist (Bee House Art), USA. Vassiliki Betty Smocovitis – Professor, History of Science (University of Florida), USA. Mark M Thompson, PhD – Retiree, USA. Robert Boschman – Professor (Mount Royal University), Canada. William P Mueller – Director (Western Great Lakes Bird and Bat Observatory), USA. Herman Daly – Emeritus Professor, School of Public Policy (University of Maryland), USA. Gareth Newnham – Producer (Grasp The Nettle Films), USA. Peggy Sue McRae – Artist, USA. Daniel C Kline – CEO (ParaTechnica), USA. Robin M Wright – Doctor, Department of Religion (Univeristy of Florida), USA. Simmons Buntin – Editor-in-Chief (, USA. Tiago Costa Nepomuceno – PhD Candidate in Education and Environmental Philosophy (University of São Paulo), Brazil. Bonnie Ralston – Educator, USA. Paul Sieracki – Geospatial Analyst and Wildlife Biologist, USA. Jack Lindsay Coxon – Student (La Trobe University), Australia. Kristina Tiedje – Associate Professor of Anthropology (Université Lyon 2 - France), USA. Dominic – Technical Support Worker, UK. Jorge Domingos Bastos Moreira – Environmentalist and Researcher (Ecologia Espiritual), Portugal. Lukas Hardt – PhD Student (University of Leeds), UK. Ms Paula Sapage, Portugal. Alexandra Monteiro Marcelino – Lawyer, Portugal. Elisabeth de Boisgelin, UK. Daniel J Shevock – University Music Teacher (Penn State Altoona), USA. Ana Patrícia Oliveira Alves – Empregada de Mesa, Portugal. Jack Hunter – Anthropologist (Sector39), UK. Gabriela Tymowski-Gionet – Associate Professor (University of New Brunswick), Canada. Grant Hugh Potts – Associate Professor of Religion and Philosophy (Austin Community College), USA. Michael Parkes – Awakened Person, Canada. Andrew Jameton (Health Professionals for a Healthy Climate and Physicians for Social Responsibility), USA. Philip Cafaro – Professor of Philosophy (Colorado State University), USA. Damien Delorme – Philosopher (L'IRPhiL, Université Lyon 3), France. Ruth Thomas-Pellicer – Independent Philosopher, Spain. Olinda Neves – Teacher of Biology and Geology, Cabo Verde. Ronnie Zoe Hawkins – Environmental Philosopher, Costa Rica. Dr Anita Norman – Postdoctoral Research Associate (San Diego Zoo Global), USA. Fred Hageneder – Naturalist, Author and Musician, UK. Dr Elisabeth Sommer – Retired Professor of Linguistics (University of Central Florida), USA. Alexandra Gomes – Analyst, Portugal. Keelah Lam – Environmental activist, Australia. Zana Briski – Artist and Academy Award-winner, USA. Steven Matema – Social Ecologist (African Conservation Trust), South Africa. Geoff Clinning – Technician (Ezemvelo KZN Wildlife), South Africa. Julie Carlisle – Community and Environmental Project Developer, South Africa. Mike Wibberley – Psychotherapist, UK. Pete Ruinard – Conservation Manager (Ezemvelo KZN Wildlife), South Africa. Melanie Andrej – Writer, Independent Scholar and Teacher, Austria. Dave Gardner – Director of the GrowthBusters Documentary (GrowthBusters), USA. George F Schlosser – Conservation Lawyer, USA. Sarah E Robinson-Bertoni – Lecturer (Santa Clara University), USA. Paul Havemann – Natural Resources Manager (John Muir Institute of the Environment), USA. Anna Cimini – Research Assistant (Brown University), USA. Peter S Goodman – Conservation Ecologist (Wildlife Conservation Solutions), South Africa. Darren Frederick Speece – Historian (Sidwell Friends School), USA. Lorraine Code – Distinguished Research Professor, Philosophy (York University), Canada. Marcus Intinarelli – Organic/Biodynamic Farmer (Thompson Creek Farm), USA. Alcide Gonçalves – Landscape Architect, Portugal. Joel Kassiola – Professor of Political Science (San Francisco State University), USA. Prof PG Harris – Chair and Professor of Global and Environmental Studies (Education University of Hong Kong), Hong Kong. Stephen R Griego – Instructor and PhD Candidate (University of New Mexico), USA. Sílvia Brandão – Artist, Portugal. Ross D'Orfani – Student, USA. Star Char Lema – Co-Founder, Sacred Rose Council (School of Sacred Arts and Sciences), USA. Gwyn Wahlmann, USA. Mike Vandeman – Wildlife Activist, USA. Irene Mommers – Director, Nutrition and Health (BeBright), Netherlands. Wanda Ballentine, USA. Paul Sandford – Druid and Interfaith Minister, UK. Linda Cooper – Volunteer Co-ordinator (Brahma Kumaris), Australia. Paul Jennings – Conservationist, South Africa. Michael Bull, Australia. Lauren Barwick – Earth Guardian, South Africa. Hardy Loubser, South Africa. Dr Tanmoy Bhattacharya – Professor (University of Delhi), India. Paul Beswick – Peacenik, UK. Patricia Ferguson – Retiree, Australia. Maria João – Ecologia, Portugal. Alf Seegert – Professor (University of Utah), USA. Dr Anna Grichting – Assistant Professor, Architecture and Urban Planning, Qatar. Leslie Adams – Global Citizen taking action for Biodiversity (BioDiversity Matters), Canada. Cormac Cullinan – Environmental Lawyer (Global Alliance for the Rights of Nature), South Africa. Grant Lowe – Self-employed, Canada. Stephen McKevitt – Retired Historian, USA. Alison Whalley (Green Party, England and Wales), UK. Luis Gutierrez – Editor (Mother Pelican Journal of Solidarity and Sustainability), USA. Marjie Tomter – Director/Coordinator (Ozaukee Washingotn Land Trust/OzaukeeTreasures Network), USA. Pip Hayes – Mother, Doctor and Population Activist, UK. Daniel Janzen – Professor of Conservation Biology (University of Pennsylvania), USA. Priscilla Mattison – Attorney, USA. Christine Holland Cummings – Citizen of Earth, USA. Alasdair Wilson – Community Activist, UK. Dr Sailesh Rao – Executive DIrector (Climate Healers), USA. Marcus Bussey – Senior Lecturer in History and Futures, Australia. Sterling Lee Slavick Barlow – Author and Retired Science educator, USA. Albert Rich – Applied Logician, USA. David Taylor – Director (EarthSpirit), UK. Dr Michael A Giannelli – Retired Psychologist and Animal Advocate, USA. Michele Chavez-Pardini – Mediator, USA. Mark Hixon – Hsiao Endowed Professor of Marine Biology (University of Hawai'i), USA. Jonathan Boyne – Librarian (University of Hawai'i), USA. Christian Bulesz – Thinker, Netherlands. Meg O'Mahony – Retired Educator, Canada. Peter Carter – Director (Climate Emergency Institute), Canada. Taehyun Park – Professor (Kangwon National University of Korea), Republic of Korea. Christopher J Aitchison – Citizen, Australia. Abhik Gupta – Professor (Assam University), India. Freda van den Broek – Naturalist, USA. Ms Kelly Pomeroy – Retired, USA. John Broussard – Retired, USA. John J Finazzo Sr – President, USA. Bonnie Shemie – Self-employed, Canada. Rob Harding – Environmental Activist, USA. Timothy William Read – Master's Student and Social and Environmental Activist, Australia. Matt Grisko – Educator, USA. Tarik Bodasing – Ecologist, South Africa. Melissa Everett – General Practitioner, UK. Rob Irvine – Nonhuman Animal Ethics and Advocate (University of Sydney), Australia. Paul May – Ecocentrist, Australia. Garey Mills – Retiree, Spain. Anouk Pinchetti – Project Manager (New Systems Hub), Australia. Vanessa Smith – Direct Support Professional, Canada. Eileen Crist – Associate Professor (Virginia Tech), USA. Craig K Harris – Associate Professor (Michigan State University), USA. Jeremy T Bruskotter – Associate Professor (School of Environment & Natural Resources, Ohio State University), USA. Stephanie Moran – Artist, UK. Ricardo Rozzi – Director, Sub-Antarctic Biocultural Conservation Program (University of North Texas and University of Magallanes), USA and Chile. Mark Hollidge – Writer, UK. Bernard Little – Concerned Citizen, UK. Josephine F Wideman – Executive Director (Californians for Population Stabilization), USA. Liesje Barratt – Assistant Coordinator, Faith Ecology Network (CMI, Centre for Peace, Ecology and Justice), Australia. Joanna Macy, PhD – Deep Ecologist, Writer and Activist (The Work That Reconnects), USA. Maria Kay Fotopoulos – Editor and Writer (Animal Lives Matter), USA. Peter Raimondo – Transformational Guide (Purely Wild Foundation), South Africa. J Anthony Cassils – Ontologist, Canada. Roger Creagh-Osborne – Mammal (Bioregion of Cornwall), UK. John A Vucetich – Professor (Michigan Technological University), USA. Sabrina Chakori – Environmental Economist, Switzerland and Australia. Patricia Vickers-Rich – Geologist (Swinburne University and Monash University), Australia. Craig Reid – Member of the Food Chain, Malawi. Wayne McLellan – Retiree, USA. Sandra Lubarsky – Emeritus Professor (Northern Arizona University), USA. Leon Trembath – Retired Fire Fighter, Australia. Dr Julia Peck – Academic Subject Leader, Photography (University of Gloucestershire), UK. Guido Dalla Casa – Doctor of Engineering, Deep Ecology (ISUR), Italy. Robert Sessions – Environmental Activist, USA. Susan Gallinger – Citizen Scientist, Canada. William Forbes – Associate Professor of Geography (Stephen F Austin State University), USA. Fiona Weir – Retiree, UK. Andrew McLaughlin – Professor Emeritus (Lehman College), USA. Michael D Novack – Retiree, USA. Louis Beckerling – Penitent Retiree, Australia. Andrei Călin Dumitrescu – Linguist (University of Helsinki), Finland. Ryan Quinn – PhD Candidate, Australia. Tom Baxter – Communications Officer (Greenpeace East Asia), China. Gregory Moulinet – Co-Founder and Communications Director (Biocentric Society), China. Vachel Miller – Associate Professor (Appalachian State University), USA. Katarina Hovden – Recent LLM Graduate and Volunteer (Nature's Rights), Norway. Gaia Baracetti – Writer, Italy. David Molina Motos – PhD Candidate in Philosophy of Education (Universiad Nacional de Educación a Distancia), Spain. Ben Phalan – Research Associate (Oregon State University), USA. Charlotte Payne – PhD Student (University of Cambridge), UK. Olivia Bina – Principal Researcher (Instituto de Ciências Sociais, Universidade de Lisboa), Portugal. Mary McAfee Sealing – Integral Ecologist, USA. David Takayoshi Suzuki – Emeritus Professor, Zoology (University of British Columbia), Canada. Rupayan Bhattacharyya – Person Interested to be part of Ecocentrism Movement (International Institute for Ecological Civilization), USA. Marc Bekoff – Professor Emeritus, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology (University of Colorado, Boulder), USA. Ruud Maarschall, MSc – Board Member (Dutch Water Authority), Netherlands. Michele Testa – Hacktivist, Italy. Joanna Clark – Director of Operations (AIDS Education Global Information System), USA. Joseph Carson – Licensed Professional Engineer, USA. Thomas Houssein Makled – Graduate Student in Natural Resources (University of Michigan), USA. John Blewitt – Writer and Editor (Green House), UK. Jane Goodall, PhD DBE – Founder (The Jane Goodall Institute), UK. David Pointon – Human, Australia. NAJ Taylor (RMIT University), Australia. Jonathan Edelmann – Assistant Professor of Religion (University of Florida), USA. Emily Holden – Teacher, UK. Ewa Orlikowska – PhD Student (SLU – Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences), Sweden. Dr Mokhtar – Academician (Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia), Malaysia. Richard Walker – Lecturer (Northbrook College), UK. William E Rees – Professor Emeritus (Human Ecology and Planning) (University of British Columbia), Canada. Dr Stephen Cave – Executive Director, Leverhulme Centre for the Future of Intelligence (University of Cambridge), UK. Melinda Painton – Designer, UK. Joel Robinson – Writer and Filmmaker, Australia. Piper Rodd – Lecturer (Deakin University), Australia. Don Cameron, BVSc – Conservationist and Naturalist, Australia. Mumta Ito – Lawyer, Founder and CEO (Nature's Rights), UK. Ana Fernandez Cebrian – Assistant Professor (Columbia University), USA. Michael Dowd – Pro-future Evangelist (The Great Story), USA. Michelle Maloney – National Convenor (Australian Earth Laws Alliance), Australia. Steven Earl Salmony – Retired Psychologist (AWAREness Campaign on the Human Population), USA. Joydeb Majumder – Coordinator, Natural Resource Management and Environment (North East Rural Livelihood Project), India. Don – Teacher and Professor (North Eastern Hill University, Shillong), India. Dr Seba Roy – Associate Professor, Zoology (Gurucharan College, Silchar, Assam), India. Rory Turner – Founder, Cultural Sustainability MA (Goucher College), USA. Solanlly Carrero Jiménez – Biologist (Museo Nacional de Historia Natural de Santo Domingo), Dominican Republic. Don Chisholm – Retiree (Gaia Preservation Coalition), Canada. Moirangthem Banita Devi – Enologist (Assam University, Silchar), India. Matthew Hall – Author ('Plants as Persons') (Victoria University of Wellington), New Zealand. Jasmin Wilson – Outdoor Recreation Instructor, Australia. Sreekanta Chakraborty – Retired Banker, India. Vince Fiorito – Politician, Canada. Jessica Sweidan – Founding Trustee (Synchronicity Earth), UK. Marina Dp – Student, Spain. Gigi Levins-Skehill – Massage Therapist, Australia. Janice Sukhiani – Observer, Canada. Linda Gill – Ecocentric Activist, Australia. Mark Radford – Window Installe, Australia. Sylvia Pozeg – Artist, Canada. Kris Mandell, USA. Gabriel Lavinsky Jardim – Architect (Universidade Federal do Espírito Santo), Brazil. Dido Goldsmith – Author, UK. Sheila Voss – Vice President of Education (Missouri Botanical Garden), USA. Leah Gibbons – Sustainability Consultant and PhD Student (Arizona State University), USA. Tejinder Gill – Sustainability and Waste Education Officer, Australia. Louisito L Madronio – Administrative Aide (University of Eastern Philippines), Philippines. Ms Lin Westler – Biology Instructor, USA. Jamie Wallace – Permaculture Practitioner, Canada. Gelant Sanjaya – Environmental Health Student (Universitas Indonesia), Indonesia. Ms Doris Ragettli (Rights of Mother Earth), Switzerland. Star (Lin) Aasved – Independent Nature Photographer and Naturalist, USA. John Johnson – Former Eco-activist and Current Assistant Research Forester, USA. Dr Çağdaş Dedeoğlu – Assistant Professor of Political Science (Istanbul Arel University), Turkey. Dr Simon Michaux – Senior Research Officer (University of Liège), Belgium. Eleanor Shoreman-Ouimet – Environmental Anthropologist (University of Connecticut), USA. Hilary B Booker, PhD – Environmental Ethicist and Holistic Health Researcher, USA. Anna Willow – Associate Professor of Anthropology (Ohio State University), USA. Domenico D'Alesandro – President, Lead Design (D'Alessandro and Associates), USA. Dr L Jen Shaffer (University of Maryland, College Park), USA. Teferi Abate Adem – PhD in Anthropology, Human Relations Area Files (Yale), USA. Fiona C Wilmot – Restoration geographer, Mexico. Karen Marie Greenough – Social Anthropologist (West African Science Service Centre on Climate Change and Adapted Land Use), Burkina Faso. Andraya Vantrease – Steward of the Earth, USA. Mary Hufford – Livelihoods Knowledge Exchange Network, USA. Dan Sherburne – Citizen, USA. Bethany Ojalehto – Postdoctoral Fellow, Psychology (Northwestern University), USA. Giulia Sansoni – Practitioner, Sweden. Gordon Kubanek – Retiree, Beekeeper and Franciscan, Canada. Shruti Desai – PhD Student (Goldsmiths, University of London), UK and USA. Samwel LS Maganga – Associate Professor (Sokoine University of Agriculture), Tanzania. Jessica L Delgado – Market Intelligence Coordinator and Fellow (Women's World Banking), USA. Richard Alan Smith – Natural Resource Specialist (USFWS), USA. Felice Wyndham – Ecological Anthropologist, USA. Jordan Fisher Smith – Author, USA. Rev F Mark Mealing, PhD – Retired Professor and Non-retired Priest (Selkirk C0llege, Castlegar, B.C), Canada. David Naguib Pellow – Dehlsen Professor of Environmental Studies (UC Santa Barbara), USA. Jonathan Dawson – Senior Lecturer, Economics (Schumacher College), UK. Joshua Lockyer – Associate Professor of Anthropology (Arkansas Tech University), USA. Shaun Chamberlin – Author (Dark Optimism), UK. Celia Brauer – Master's Student (University of British Columbia), Canada. Kate Ferris – Ethics Officer (La Trobe University), Australia. Colin Lionel Soskolne – Epidemiologist (University of Alberta), Canada. Donald William Spady – Adjunct Professor of Paediatrics (University of Alberta), Canada. Mei Abraham Elderadzi – Human, Croatia. Paul Evans – Retiree, UK. Raiza Campregher – PhD Student (UFSCar), Brazil. Pat Brereton – Head of School (Dublin City University), Ireland. Frank Garrett Boudinot – PhD Student, Geology (CU Boukder), USA. Dr Graham St John – Senior Research Fellow (University of Fribourg), Switzerland. Liza Grandia – Associate Professor (University of California, Davis), USA. Graham Harvey – Professor of Religious Studies (The Open University), UK. Wendy Griffin – Academic Dean (Cherry Hill Seminary), USA. David Ehrenfeld – Distinguished Professor of Biology (Rutgers University, New Jersey, US), USA. Brooke Hecht – President (Center for Humans and Nature), USA. Edson Grandisoli – PhD Candidate (University of São Paulo), Brazil. Michael Thomason – Physicist, Guide to the Global Transition (University of Colorado Boulder and Boulder Rights of Nature), USA. David Abram – College Fellow (Schumacher College), USA. Michael Soulé – Professor Emeritus (UCSC), USA. Ralph H Metzner – Psychotherapist and Ecopsychologist (California Institute of Integral Studies), USA. Mark Lawrence – Scientific Director (Institute for Advanced Sustainability Studies), Germany. Dell deChant – Master Instructor and Chair, Religious Studies Department (Univeristy of South Florida), USA. Michael Sheridan – Associate Professor of Anthropology (Associate Professor of Anthropology), USA. Vanessa Spedding – Writer, UK. Sharon M Wells – Concerned Pantheist and Health Documentation Specialist, USA. Eve Oostendorp – Student (Vossius Gymnasium), Netherlands. Gavin Van Horn – Director, Cultures of Conservation (Center for Humans and Nature), USA. David G Maskalick, PhD – Retired Research Scientist (Eli Lilly & Co), USA. Paul Collins – Writer and Broadcaster, Australia. Brenda Fitzpatrick – PhD Candidate (University of British Columbia), Canada. Joan Hardingham – Biologist, Naturalist and Early Years Educator, UK. Gary Rose – Citizen of Planet Earth, USA. Frederique Apffel-Marglin – Anthropologist Emerita and Founder of the Sachamama Center for Biocultural Regeneration (Smith College), USA. Claire O'Neill – President and Founder (Earthwise Aware), USA. James Harrod – Director (Center for Research on the Origins of Art and Religion), USA. Roger Clooney – Concerned Pensioner, UK. Marie Manhardt – Doctor, USA. Gordon Weese – Retiree, Canada. Thomas L Poulson – Ecologist and Emeritus Professor (University of Illinois at Chicago), USA. Paul R Ehrlich – Bing Professor of Population Studies Emeritus (Stanford University), USA. Anne Ehrlich – Senior Scientist Emerita, Biology Department (Stanford University), USA. Titilia Rabuatoka – Private Consultant, Fiji. Allison Fulton – Writing Associate Fellow (Oberlin College), USA. Dr Justine Philip – Ecosystem Management Scholar (University of New England and Museum Victoria), Australia. Jeffrey Kershner – Research Fisheries Biologist, USA. Nicci Attfield – PhD Student (Wits University), South Africa. Debal Deb – Ecologist (Centre for Interdisciplinary Studies), India. Madeline Weld – President (Population Institute Canada), Canada. Paul-Francois Tremlett – Senior Lecturer, Religious Studies (The Open University), UK. David Bianco – Biologist, Italy. Jacqueline Cleminson CD – Retired Nurse and Captain (Canadian Forces), Canada. Brian Stafford, MD MPH – Founder (Wilderness Is Medicine), USA. Anton Nemeth – Ceramic Artist, USA. Dr Saamdu Chetri – Executive Director (Gross National Happiness Centre), Bhutan. Paweena Kitsirisin – Graduate Student (Thammasat University), Thailand. Maria Lavis – Recovering Environmental Professional, Canada. Brian Zimmerman – Chief Curator (Zoological Society of London), UK. Dr Gregoire Wallenborn – Sustainable Energy Researcher (Free University of Brussels), Belgium. Dr Chris Johansen – Agricultural Scientist, Australia. Esteban Suarez – Professor (Universidad San Francisco de Quito), Ecuador. Viktor Siagian (Banten Assessment Institute for Agricultural Technology), Indonesia. Dr Peter Jones – Senior Lecturer (James Cook University), Australia. Roger Harris – Founder (Biodiversity Professionals), USA. France Thapo – Senior Human Resource Officer (Botswana Housing Corporation), Botswana. Elaine Nogueira-Godsey – Assistant Professor of Theology, Ecology and Race (Methodist Theological School in Ohio), USA. Anthony Biegen – Software Developer, USA. Michael A Lewis, PhD – Retiree, USA. Kathy Faldt – Conservation Volunteer (Logan and Albert Conservation Association), Australia. Cedric Knight – Independent Researcher, UK. Stephen Weller – Actor, UK. Kocku von Stuckrad – Professor of Religious Studies (University of Groningen), Netherlands. Wesley Todd Plummer – Proprietor (Wild Marin Nature Tours), USA. Chas S Clifton – Volunteer Wildlife Transporter (Colorado Parks & Wildlife), USA. Yasemin Charles – Translator of Philosophy, France. José Pablo Prado Córdova – Tenured Lecturer (Faculty of Agronomy, University of San Carlos), Guatemala. Ramadhan Mohammed – University Lecturer (University of Duhok), Iraq. Ross Brownscombe – Writer, Photographer, Woodworker and Surfer, Australia. Alexander Lautensach – Associate Professor (University of Northern British Columbia), Canada. Andrew Walton – Project Coordinator (Bioregion Birmingham), UK. Bart Everson – Media Artist (Xavier University of Louisiana), USA. Alfred Bernhard – Bushland Manager (Willoughby City Council), Australia. Alissa Jones Nelson – Doctor, Germany. Robert Jensen – Professor (University of Texas at Austin), USA. Bruce Prescott – Theologian (Mainstream Baptists), USA. Koos de Koeijer – Entrepreneur in Sustainability, Netherlands. Philippe Sibaud – Earthling, UK. Petra Stapp – Writer, Philosopher and Animal Lover, UK. Cansu E Dedeoglu – Researcher, Turkey. Neslihan Dolgun – Biologist, Turkey. Emre Ertegün – Whole-lover, Turkey. Anita de Melo – Lecturer (University of Cape Town), South Africa. Kathryn Gander – Teacher of Deaf People (Durham County Council), UK. Beth Carruthers – Philosopher, Cultural Ecologist and Artist, Canada. Bilgesu Tutal – Biologist, Turkey. Eric Rimmer – (Human) Population Activist (Population Matters), UK. Philippe Léna – Emeritus Researcher (IRD/MNHN), France. Renee DeMartin – Wildlife Photographer and Jeweler, USA. Deborah Thompson – Retired Law Enforcer, USA. Paul Adrian Broady – Academic Researcher, New Zealand. Gary O Grimm, USA. Linda Kruhmin – Person Inspired by the Earth, USA. Ana Catarina de Freitas Torradinhas – Earthling, Portugal. Ryan Danby – Associate Professor (Queen's University), Canada. Ludovic Viger – Druidovik (Green Wizard), Canada. John Rivière-Anderson – Permaculture Practitioner (Proikos Green Aquaculture), Canada. Donald Bruce Turton – Retiree, Canada. Dr Rebecca R Burrill – Ecological Dancer, Movement-based Child Developmentalist and Independent Scholar, USA. Dr Ian RC Baird – Ecologist, Australia. Theodore John Parvu Jr – Philosopher, USA. Rich Blegen – Scientific Pantheist, USA. Belgin Ergül – Forester (DenizTemiz Derneği), Turkey. Lydia Scherr – Earth Rigths Advocate, USA. Adrian Ayres Fisher – Gardener, Writer and Quaker, USA. Andrew Martin – Professor, Educator, Evolutionist and Ecologist (University of Colorado), USA. Judith Weis – Professor Emerita – Marine Biology (Rutgers University), USA. John Hill – Retiree, USA. Lisa Coedy – Eco-activist, USA. Emily Rose Stadvec – Concerned Citizen, USA. Bruce Graves – Person, Turkey. Eoghan Daltun – Self-taught Restoration Ecologist, Ireland. Don Saunders – Professor (University of South Florida), USA. Teresa Capetola – Lecturer (Deakin University), Australia. Prof David Lindsay Mowbray – Professor of Environmental Science and Sustainable Development (University of Papua New Guinea), Papua New Guinea. Pius Piskaut – Ecologist (University of Papua New Guinea), Papua New Guinea. Hobert Asari – Student of Sustainable Development (University of Papua New Guinea), Papua New Guinea. Jonathan Dean Stead – Graduate (University of Huddersfield), UK. A Ergin Duygu – Biologist and Retired Academic, Turkey. Aygül Akkuş – Urban and Environmental Scientist (Ankara University), Turkey. Aygün Karlı – Student, Turkey. Yigit Karagol – Student, Turkey. Aaron S Allen – Director, Environmental and Sustainability Studies Program (UNC Greensboro), USA. Bill Michalek – Teacher (SUNY at Buffalo), USA. Walhos Palisa – Lecturer (University of Papua New Guinea), Papua New Guinea. Neslihan Kaya – Confectioner, Turkey. Cedric S Woods – Independent (BioLists), New Zealand. Tamsin Pearson – Writer and Student of Ecopsychology, UK. Dan Stokols – Research Professor and Chancellor's Professor Emeritus (University of California, Irvine), USA. Tarun Nair – Conservation Biologist, India. Mia Monroe – Park Ranger (National Park Service), USA. Sonia Fargue, MD PhD – Researcher in Biomedical Sciences (University of Alabama at Birmingham), USA. Dr Hayal Desta – Assistant Professor of Environmental Planning (Addis Ababa University), Ethiopia. Eunice Blavascunas – Assistant Professor of Anthropology and Environmental Studies (Whitman College), USA. Dr Sarah Darwin – Doctor (Nightingale.Berlin), Germany. Anne Fremaux – Teacher (French Ministry of Education), France. Hilary Leighton – Assistant Professor (Royal Roads University), Canada. Ben Murrell – Teacher and Gardener, UK. Anitra Nelson – Honorary Associate Professor, Centre for Urban Research (RMIT University), Australia. Chris Knapman – Environmentalist and Arborist, UK. Matthew Coopet – Director (Tree Research, Education and Environmental Services), UK. Robert Oselio – Human, USA. Garry Rogers, PhD – Nature Conservation Advocate (Agua Fria Open Space Alliance, Inc), USA. Şanver İsmailoğlu – Geologist and Writer (, Turkey. Holmes Rolston III – University Distinguished Professor (Colorado State University), USA. Peter Jingcheng Xu – Poet, Translator and Researcher (Bangor University), UK. Dr Manfred Hellrigl – Director (Office for Future Related Issues), Austria. Priscilla Stuckey – Writer on Nature Spirituality, USA. Leland Bowen – Retiree, USA. Cynthia Green – Eco-writer, USA. Margret Hamilton – Manager, USA. Judith Roderick – Artist, USA. Dorothy Bowen – Artist, USA. Barbara Voss – Artist and Writer, USA. Cyndi Moriarty – Compassionate Bee Venom Therapist, USA. Dr Oluyemi Ayorinde Akintoye – Senior Lecturer and Researcher, Department of Geography and Environmental Science (University of Calabar), Nigeria. Veronica Strang – Professor of Anthropology (Institute of Advanced Study, Durham University), UK. Fidisoa Rasambainarivo – Wildlife Veterinarian, Madagascar. Risa M Mandell – Clinical Social Worker (Humane Herald [Contributor]), USA. Maureen Korp, PhD – Lecturer and Writer, Canada. Ash Collins – Earth Warrior, USA. William Smith – Postdoctoral Researcher (RMIT University), Australia. Bronya Eleanor Driver-Mach – Environmental Scientist, Australia. Shan Gao – Associate Professor (Soochow University), China. Maria Teresa La Valle – Professor (Universidad Nacional de Tres de Febrero), Argentina. Sonny Iamge – Student (University of Papua New Guinea), Papua New Guinea. Francisco Mata-Rabasa – Director (Sobirania Alimentària del País Valencià), Spain. Aino Leskinen – Support Worker, UK. Yuvraj Saharan – Environmental Researcher, India. Rubens Pauluzzo – Adjunct Professor (University of Udine), Italy. Rodrigo García Píngaro – Activist and Marine Conservationist (Org. Conservación Cetáceos/Oceanosanos), Uruguay. Terence Gibbin Brown – Architect and Deep Ecology Devotee, UK. Marlene Wenner – Student, Sweden. Steven J McGee – CEO (Simple Wins Concepts), USA. Elaine Codling – Permaculture Design Consultant, Canada. Anja Claus – Editor and Curator (Center for Humans and Nature), USA. Jeremy Ohmes – Communications Manager (Center for Humans and Nature), USA. Dr Tobiasz Cwynar – Independent Scholar, Poland. Suki Abbott – Nature-led Psychotherapist, UK. Rishi Kumar Sharma – Ecologist (WWF), India. TR Shankar Raman – Ecologist and Writer (Nature Conservation Foundation), India. Lace Lively – Research Intern, USA. Isabel Carrera – Student, USA. Wayne Tyson – Ecosystem Restoration and Management, USA. Beth Mcdonald – Zookeeper, USA. Judy Cummings – Teacher and Environmental Advocate, USA. Angela Fiore – Zoologist, USA. Kyenne Williams – Sustainability and Waste Reduction Specialist, USA. Jim Clements – Concerned Inhabitant of Earth, USA. Mary Zeiss Stange – Professor Emerita and Author (Skidmore College), USA. Rebecca Damron – Professor, USA. Jan N Parker-Padley – Concerned Person, UK. Amy Youngs – Artist (Ohio State University), USA. Julian Crawford – Environmentalist (EcoSTEPS – Sustainability Partner), Australia. De Antoni Giorgio, PhD (Universidade Católica de Brasilia), Brazil. Stephen Siperstein – Environmental Educator (Choate Rosemary Hall), USA. Laurie Sumiye – Hawai'i Ecoartist and Filmmaker, USA. Heather Hill – Psychotherapist, USA. Andrea Kalfoglou – Associate Professor (University of Maryland, Baltimore County), USA. Patricia Coleman – Naturalist, USA. Tom Kerns, PhD – Director (Environment and Human Rights Advisory), USA. Bob Sauerbrey – Teacher (OLLI University of Cincinnati), USA. Lauren Choplin – Communications Director (The Nonhuman Rights Project), USA. Pennie Stasik O'Grady – Writer, USA. Adriana Aquino – Biologist (American Museum of Natural History), USA. Cathy Belchak Geraghty – Director, Strategic Partnerships and Initiatives, USA. Kathryn Barlow – Ecologist, USA. John L McNulty – Associate Professor of Psychology (University of Tulsa), USA. Julia Denos – Author and Illustrator, USA. Anthony Thorley – Tutor in Sacred Geography (University of Wales, Trinity St David), UK. Jason Papenfuss – Sustainability Scholar (Arizona State University), USA. Dr Richard D Durtsche – Professor of Biological Sciencesa and Director of the NKU Research and Education Field Station (Northern Kentucky University), USA. Josefin Wangel – Researcher and Vice Program Director, SLU Urban Futures (SLU – Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences), Sweden. Charlotte Hawthorne – Student (University of Surrey), UK. Rebecca Humphreys – Educator and Artist (Australia), Australia. James Pocklington – Support Worker, UK. Michaeline Kupo – Student (University of Papua New Guinea), Papua New Guinea. Andrew Randrianasulu, Russia. Jesus H Córdova – Karyosystematicist and Biogeogapher (San Marcos University), Peru. Paul Havemann – Natural Resources Management Professional (John Muir Institute of the Environment), USA. Mike Hanauer – Overpopulation and Sustainability Activist, USA. Louise Nash – Interested Citizen, Australia. Hale Adasal – Social Entrepreneur, Australia. Faith Ecology Network, Australia. Julian Olden – Professor (University of Washington), USA. Sukhmani Mantel – Senior Researcher (Institute for Water Research), South Africa. Sabrina Briggs – Advocate for the Natural World, Canada. Fred Gunter – Retiree, USA. Sheila Hardy – Smallholder, UK. Rafael Rodriguez Altamiranda – Professor (Universidad de Carabobo), Venezuela. Dermot McGuigan – Renewable Energy Advocate, USA. John Thorne – Sustainability Coordinator (Glasgow School of Art), UK. Guillaume Chapron – Associate Professor, Sweden. Robert Johnston – Earthling, Writer and Musician, Canada. Mei-ling Hom – Artist and Farmer, USA. David McClelland – Farmer and Artist, USA. Jonathan Andreas – PhD Student (Institute for Christian Studies), USA. Massimo D'Arcangelo – Ecopoet, Italy. Buenaventura Maata Jr – Executive Director (Philippine Grassroots Engagement in Rural Development Foundation, Inc), Philippines. Patrick A Jansen – Associate Professor (Wageningen University), Netherlands. Kevin Frediani – Operations Manager, Inverewe and Corrieshalloch Gorge (National Trust for Scotland), UK. Paul E Stacey – Principal Scientist (Footprints In The Water), USA. Paul Hodgkin – Retiree, UK. Daniel Olsson – Environmental and Sustainability Educator (Karlstad University), Sweden. Annie Leymarie – Ecowarrior, UK. Steve Wilson – Permaculturist and Engineer in Renewable Energy and Ecological Design, Australia. Thomas Smith – Researcher (University of St Andrews), Ireland. Sebastian Pardo – Postdoctoral Research Fellow in Evolutionary Biology (Dalhousie University), Canada. Lucy Segatti – Earth Inhabitant, Canada. Henry R Kramer – Student (University of Montana), USA. Paul Damon Thomas – Artist, USA. David Kidner – Environmental Philosopher, France. Karen Miranda Abel – Artist and Environmentalist, Canada. Greg Horrall – Inventor, Indonesia. Vasiliki Mantziou – Educator, Greece. Jeff Buecking – Concerned Inhabitant, Birder and Citizen-scientist, USA. Neale Inglenook – Writer, USA. Mary Cole – Artist, Germany. Dr Jenny Ritchie – Assoociate Professor (Victoria University of Wellington), New Zealand. Darius J Liddell – Earth Inhabitant, USA. Blair Cosgrove – Communications Consultant, Canada. Joana Castro Pereira – Professor of International Relations (Lusíada University), Portugal. Terry Spahr – Ecologist and Sustainability Consultant, USA. Dr Didem Aydurmus – Political Scientist, Ethicist and Activist, Germany. Susan Miles – Moderator (Planet Centred Forum), UK. Kira Sadler – Co-Director (Voices for Biodiversity), USA. Ruxandra Vintila – Senior Research Scientist (ICPA Bucharest), Romania. Rachel White – Writer, Mother, Observer and Appreciator, USA. Roseline C Beudels-Jamar – Conservation Biologist and Naturalist (Royal Institute of Natural Sciences), Belgium. Meghana Binraj – Student (Transdisciplinary University), India. Reed Elizabeth Loder – Professor (Vermont Law School), USA. Revd Dr Terry Biddington – Dean of Spiritual Life (University of Winchester), UK. Giuseppe Notarbartolo di Sciara – Founder (Tethys Research Institute), Italy. Gene Blackley – Evangelist for Steady State Economy, Australia. Andrea Cardini – Biologist and Morphometrician (University of Modena and Reggio Emilia), Italy. David Baker – Student and Environmentalist, USA. Simon Leadbeater – Woodland Owner, UK. Linda Seeley – Secretary (Biodiversity First!), USA. Randy Hayes – Founding Director (Rainforest Action and Foundation Earth), USA. Gar Smith – Writer and Non-violent Terraist (Environmentalists Against War), USA. Dominique Krayenbuhl – Nature Conservationist, Egypt. Dan Bergeron – Food Service Worker (Western University), Canada. Andrew Lau – Professor (Penn State), USA. Teghan Collingwood – Honours Student, Australia. Ekin Gunduz Ozdemirci – Lecturer in Film Studies, Turkey. Angus Albert French – Student (University of Canberra), Australia. Martin Joseph Scott – Video Producer, Australia. Sneha Parmar – Student (San Jose State University), USA. Melinda Millen – Activist, Australia. Tyler O'Hare – Law Student (University of Canberra), Australia. Jessica Cordwell – Student, Australia. Gary Michael Pinette – Psychotherapist, USA. Freya Mathews – Professor of Environmental Philosophy (Latrobe University), Australia. Isabella – Student (University of Dundee), UK. Dr Ross Colliver – Facilitator, Australia. Audrey Matthews – Student (University of Florida), USA. Melanie Engle – Sustainability Student (University of Florida), USA. Jan Moerkerke – Eco-citizen, Australia. Jacob A Miller – Graduate Teaching Assistant in Communication Studies (Kansas State University), USA. Nakita Dass – English Literature (Hons) Student (University of New South Wales), Australia. Deborah Guess – Researcher in Ecological Theology (University of Divinity), Australia. Valentina Villa-Castano – Student (Javerina Cali), Colombia. David Wood – Writer, Canada. Bengt Gunnar Jonsson – Conservation Biologist and Professor (Mid Sweden University), Sweden. Per Lissel – Nature Photographer, Sweden. Igor Agea Blanco – MSc Graduate in Sustainability Science and Policy (Maastricht University), Belgium. Miguel Canales – Environmentalist, USA. Patrick Cosgrove, UK. John Davis – Executive Director (The Rewilding Institute), USA. Geraldine Brooks AO – Writer, USA. Catarina Silva Ribeiro – Designer, Brazil. Peter Reason – Writer, UK. Andrea Frey – Nurse Practitioner, Canada. Namood-e-Sahar – Lecturer (Lahore College for Women University), Pakistan. Crispin Balfour – Psychoanalytic Psychotherapist, New Zealand. Ngoc TB Duong – Lecturer and Researcher (Vietnam National University of Forestry), Vietnam. Severe Joseph – Executive Director (UNASCAD), Haïti. Steven B Kurtz – Retired Dilettante, USA. Robert Taylor – Sustainable Populations Advocate, Australia. David Wilson – Retired Mechanic, Canada. Rianne C ten Veen – Consultant (Green Creation), Netherlands. Carmel Daher (Researcher), Australia. Luke Preece – Northern Australia Conservation Officer (The Nature Conservancy), Australia. Douglas Bolger – Professor (Dartmouth College), USA. Mitchell Cutler – Essene Priest (CSHW), USA. Christine Donkin – University Student, Australia. Mathias Rollot – Environmental Philosopher (ENSA Marne-la-Vallée), France. David Charles Williams – Quoll Quirker, Australia. Will Steffen – Senior Fellow (Stockholm Resilience Centre), Australia. Mig Mayer – Indigophile (Indigaregion), Australia. John Wells II – Retired DC-10 Captain, USA. Andrés Santa Mónica Martín – Beekeeper, Spain. Paul A Reinicke – EcoIdeaMan, USA. Bhagya Wickramasinghe – Researcher in Environmental Law (UCL), UK. John Turnbull – PhD Candidate (University of NSW), Australia. Martin Puchert – Director, Australia. Josh van Limbeek – Marine Scientist, Australia. Nicola Fraser – Marine Scientist (National Marine Science Centre), Australia. Huw Vaughan – Plumber (Master Plumbers Association), Australia. Brendan Ryan, New Zealand. Margot Saffer – Body- and Cosmo-Psychotherapist (Biosynthesis), Israel. Victoria O'Sullivan – Lecturer and PhD Candidate (AUT; University of Auckland), New Zealand. Claudia Grati – Ecopsychologist and Ecophilosopher, Australia. Thomas Wassmer – Associate Professor of Biology (Siena Heights University), USA. Enrico Mondini – Team Designer, Sweden. Erika Mikaelsson – Writer, Film Producer and Journalist, Sweden. Jenny Thomas – Writer, UK. F Stuart Chapin III – Professor of Ecology (Institute of Arctic Biology, University of Alaska), USA. Tim Hogan – Curator (University of Colorado Museum of Natural History), USA. Rodrigo Garcia Pingaro – Marine Activist and Conservationist, Uruguay. Simon Longo – Sound Artist, Italy and UK. Amber Bellrose – Student of Climate Change (California Polytechnic University – San Luis Obispo), USA. Alessio Thomasberger – Human, Germany. Gun Dolva – Environmental Educator and Facilitator (NMTAFE), Australia. Raquel Jesus – Coach, Netherlands. Iris Bergmann – PhD Scholar (University of Sydney), Australia. Anand Chandrakant Kale – Head of Health, Safety and Environment (Pacific Academy of Higher Education & Research University, Udaipur), India. Doina Iliescu – Concerned Student (Leiden University College), Netherlands. Kate Rigby – Professor of Environmental Humanities (Bath Spa University), UK. Jorge J Peña – Science Librarian (Universidad Autónoma de Madrid), Spain. Lucas Beco – Environmental Educator, Brazil. Lucia Tamburino – Ecologist, Sweden. Susan Atterbury – Ecotherapist, UK. Prabhath P – Editor-in-Chief (Envision Earth Magazine), India. Austin Jacob – Master of Sustainability Candidate (University of Sydney), Australia. Arc. John Allison – Architecologist and Lecturer (Gardencity Polytechnic and MyEnvironmentMyWealth), Nigeria. Patricia Pazos – Biologist, Beekeeper and Perpetual Learner, Italy. Michael Vincent McGinnis – Author, Educator and Citizen, USA. Sam Rye – Systemic and Strategic Designer, Australia and New Zealand. Norman Garavito Rivera – Protectorista (Propuesta BIOS), Colombia. Anil Prajapati – Person Interested in Ecology and Ecocentrism (Tolani College), India. Angel Luo – Student, Canada. Tadhg O'Mahony – Senior Researcher in Sustainable Wellbeing and Systems Transformations (Finland Futures Research Centre (University of Turku)), Ireland. Dan Plunkett – Co-founder (Doris Wilderness), Belize. Daniel Rodriguez – Biologist (Fundacion Wii), Colombia. Peter Cummins – Temporary Resident, Australia. Tristram Allinson – Conservationist, UK. Vivian Lee – Student, USA. Steven Sklifas – Photojournalist, Australia. Curis A Lepel – Environmental Activist, USA. Titus Oliver Rasper – Food Chemist, Germany. Amy Almond – Student (University of Florida), USA. Lisa McLoughlin – Interdisciplinary Scholar, USA. Jeff Hoffman – Attorney, USA. Mark J Smith – Environmental Sociologist, UK. Maria – Student, Spain. William Hirigoyen – Cognitics Engineer and Ecologist, France. Valeria Magali Gonzalez Duarte – Student, Paraguay and Singapore. Carolyn Heise – Nature Lover, Australia. Brittany Stoess – Environmental Educator, USA. Nancy Brookes – RN and PhD, Canada. Eva Marie Chadwick – Dramatherapist, UK. Lubelihle Marcia Nyathi – Environmental Engineering Graduate Student (Tongji University), China. Ilies Bondon – Student in Politics and International Relations (Nottingham Trent University), UK. Paulo Tejeda – Comunicador Independiente, Colombia. Eduardo Marques – Professor (Universidade dos Açores), Portugal. Chloe Brooks – Student (University of Adelaide), Australia. Bernadette LeRoy – Public Librarian, USA. Nancy Verenice García Pérez – Student of Criminology (Universidad Autónoma de Querétaro), Mexico. Geoff Holloway – Secretary (United Tasmania Group), Australia. Nina Fallingen – PhD (University of South-Eastern Norway), Norway. Danielle Levy – Holistic Nutritionist and Ecopsychology Student, Canada. Nadia Bishara – Classical Singer and Teacher (Hertfordshire Music Service), UK. Imogen Lois Robertson – Biochemistry Student and Scientific Illustrator, UK. Alan Slinkard – Project Specialist (University of Colorado - Boulder), USA. Anja Stilla Kuhn – Aura-Soma Advisor, Germany. Seb O'Connor – PhD Researcher (University of Leeds), UK. Dr Yücel Yüksel – Teacher (Milli Eğitim Bakanlığı), Turkey. Marilyn Bush – Earth Steward, USA. Chloe Dumpleton – Student, UK. Larry S Bush – Professor of Law Emeritus (University of Mississippi), USA. Paul Swann – Systems Thinking Eco-anarchist (Organic Radicals), UK. Christine Legree – Retiree, Canada. Makin Perdana Kusuma – Doctoral Student in Sustainability (Binus University), Indonesia. Deborah Dutta – Research Scholar (Tata Institute of Fundamental Research), India. Marie Butcher – Teacher (Sisters of Mercy Parramatta), Australia. Leonie Martin – Sister of Mercy (Sisters of Mercy Parramatta), Australia. Bharath – Student (National University of Ireland, Galway), Ireland. John Feeney – Independent Researcher, USA. Stephanie Glass – Student, New Zealand. David Sanchez – Scholar (UNEXCA), Venezuela. Dr Mark Fisher – Wilderness Advocate (Self-willed Land), UK. Jesper Saxgren – Ecologist, Denmark. Margaret Durner – Retired Forest Service Employee, USA. Daniel Ariano – MSc (Centro de Estudios Ambientales y Biodiversidad, Universidad del Valle de Guatemala), Guatemala. Allana Sheard – Bush Regenerator, Australia. Timotheos Palmer – Scientist (Flinders University), Australia. Caroline Copenhaver – Educator (National Louis University), USA. Anna Lawson – Student (University of Northern Colorado), USA. Marta DeVito – Ecodesigner and Director (ECOARTS Amazonia), Brazil. Daniel Frost – Student, Australia. Philip Chandler – Director (Friends of the Bees CIC), UK. Dr Choy Yee Keong – Senior Research Fellow (Keio University), Japan. Helen Lockhart – Ecosattva, South Africa. Alison – Editor, South Africa. Ralph Pina – Ecological Sustainability Specialist (Stellenbosch University), South Africa. Lucy Taylor – Research Assistant, Ireland. Amanda Solmes – Master of Environmental Studies (Wilfrid Laurier University), Canada. Peter Cusick – Concerned Human, Australia. Michelle Galimba – Rancher, USA. Hank Braun – Educator and Diver, Germany. Asish Bisoyi – Student (Khallikote College, Bberhampur Odisha), India. Emma Sutton-Smith – Student, UK. Sue Martin – Environmental Educator, Australia. Heidi Ballet – Curator, Germany. Lynette Saville – Registered Nurse, Sessional Academic, and Elected Councillor (Willoughby City Council), Australia. Miguel Dias – Teacher and Climate Activist (Escola Secundária Cantanhede), Portugal. Antonio Miguel Pedroso Camejo Martinho – Activist, Portugal. Mackenzie Thompson – Student (UVic), Canada. Peter Gringinger – Regenerator, Austria. Memona Hossain – PhD Student in Ecopsychology, Canada. John Wallace Platts – Field Naturalist, Cayman Islands. Klaus Bosselmann – Professor of Law Emeritus (University of Auckland), New Zealand. Riley Collins – Sustainability Intern (University of Wisconsin-Madison), USA. Erin Kane – Student (Glasgow Caledonian University), UK. Rosemary Trevilion – Sustainability and Behaviour Change Postgrad Student (Centre for Alternative Technology), UK. Jaime Bohorquez – Director (Fundación ambiental BARUCH de Spinoza), Colombia. Martin Hales – Woodland Ecologist, UK. Bailey Luoma – Student (Gonzaga University), USA. Melanie Dawson – Ranger (Local Government), Australia. Senfuma Moses – Applied Ecopsychologist (Smokey Natural Resources Foundation Enterprise), Uganda. Chema Hinojo – Professor, Spain. Liane Colwell – Vermiculture and Apiculture Researcher (University of Technology Sydney), Australia. Kate McFarland – Associate Director (Ohio State University Center for Ethics and Human Values), USA. Edwina von Gal – Landscape Designer and Environmental Acitivist (Perfect Earth Project), USA. Fredrik Sträng – CEO, Sweden. Alessio Nanni – President (Occupy Italy Animals), Italy. Brook A Maikut – Entrepreneur, USA. Eze Stephanie Chioma – Student of Environmental Management (Nnamdi Azikiwe University), Nigeria. Andre Visser – Client Manager (Discovery), South Africa. Małgorzata Poks – Assistant Professor (Institute of Literary Studies, University of Silesia), Poland. Ron Baumann – Environmentalist, Australia. Francesco Introzzi – Professor of Philosophy, EU. Charl van der Merwe, South Africa. Alexa Troedson – Geologist, Australia. Mayra Segura Lopez – Student in Energy Management and Sustainable Development (Universidad Autónoma de Nuevo León), Mexico. Scott Sampson – Executive Director (California Academy of Sciences), USA. Warren M Hern, MD – Physician and Epidemiologist (Department of Anthropology, University of Colorado at Boulder), USA. Yada J Satsi – Ecopoet, UK. Girish Arjun Punjabi – Biologist (Wildlife Conservation Trust), India. Michele Carducci – Professor (CEDEUAM Università del Salento), Italy. Silvia Bagni – Researcher (Università di Bologna), Italy. Jane Walmsley – Doctor (PhD) (Retired [was at Macquarie University]), Australia. Inês Monteiro Ferreira-Norman – Artistic and Managing Director (Cyclic Matter), Portugal. Hannah Battersby – PhD Student (University of Manchester), UK. Maciej Dziegielewski – Teacher and Ecocentrist, Poland. Danielea Castell – InterBeing Artist and Sound Weaver (Listening Earth Lodge), Canada. June Cancell – Researcher, Naturalist and Educator, USA. Bradley Blomquist – Artist, USA. Jaime García Garza – Environmental Engagement Worker, Australia. Katherine Monagas – Student (University of Florida), USA. Marla Fisher – Biologist, USA. David J Voelker – Professor (University of Wisconsin-Green Bay), USA. Carole Poliquin – Documentary Film Director, Canada. Isaac Kwabena Ayereka – Water, Sanitation and Hygiene Officer (World Vision International), Ghana. Dag Jørund Lønning – Professor (University College for Green Development), Norway. Muirén Ní Sídach – Founder and Ecocentric, Socially Responsible Technology Advocate (Λn Solas Sí ΛrtScience), USA. Serena Baldin – Professor (University of Trieste), Italy. Dr Melissa Sterry – Transdisciplinary Design Scientist and Complex Systems Theorist (Bioratorium and Bionic City), UK and France. Whitney Richardson – Researcher, Norway. Gracie Waite – Social Science Student (Oregon State University), USA. Jason S Angello – Citizen, USA. Claudia Grati – Natural Historian, Environmentalist, and Ecophilosopher, Australia. Grace Nicholson – MA Student (University of Sheffield), UK. Richard Maguire (Unfolding Futures), Australia. Maria Maguire, Australia. Dr Lars Mosesson – Academic Lawyer, UK. Sharmila Kopanathi – Human, India. Maria Jose – RRPP (Parque Puerto Fonck), Chile. Nicole Cowan – Student (Monash University), Australia. John Wheeler – Professor (University of Wisconsin - River Falls), USA. Meredith Will – Landscape Architect, UK. João Paulo Souza – Professor of Social Medicine (University of São Paulo), Brazil. Dr Vivek Kumar Gaurav – Environmental Researcher (Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee), India. Antonio Matamoros – Environmental Advisor, Brazil. Jane Merle Margaret Lourens – Ecocentric Entrepreneur, South Africa. Jeni Webber – Landscape Architect (Jeni Webber and Associates), USA. Deborah Connolly – Concerned Citizen, UK. Amanda Benn, Australia. Peter Maddock – Concerned Citizen, Australia. Prerna Agarwal – Ecological Consultant, India. Jens-André P Herbener, PhD – Historian of Religion, Denmark. Ann Marie Dunne – Student, Ireland. CJ Martin – Writer and Editor (Words with CJ & Co), Canada. Clare Whiffen – Social Worker and Postgrad Law Student, Australia. Harry Hilser – Conservation Practitioner and Behavioural Scientist (Lestari Environmental Education Consultancy), UK. André Francisco Pilon – Associate Professor (International Academy of Science, Health and Ecology), Brazil. Morten Johan Lintrup – Data Manager and RUC History Student (Roskilde University Centre), Denmark. Helen McAfee – Director (McAfee Mindpower), Australia. Nathalie Markiefka – MSc, Ireland. Peter Jonker – Retired UofS Faculty Member, Canada. Sonja Skoglund – Master's Student (University of Helsinki), Finland. Rowan Kilduff – Mountain Runner and Rewilder, Ireland. Andrea Owe – Ecological and Space Ethicist, Norway. Constance Dustin Becker – Conservation Biologist (Life Net Nature), USA. Michelle Jones – Activist, USA. Vipul Singh – Associate Professor (University of Delhi), India. Madeleine Charney – Librarian (UMass Amherst), USA. Adam Cardilini – Lecturer in Environmental Science (Deakin University), Australia. Gary Burnett – Politician, UK. Maire Smith – Green Party Activist, UK. Zoe Lujic – Rights of Nature Activist (Earth Thrive), Serbia. Steve Dawe – Activist, UK. Paula Hermes – Indigenous Gatherer and Forager, UK. İbrahim Ozdemir – Environmental Philosopher (Uskudar University), Turkey. Andy Franzkowiak – Arts Curator, UK. Dagmar Winkelmüller – Retiree, Germany. Martha E Mangelsdorf – Writer, Editor, and Communications Director, USA. Marilyn A Hoey – Public Servant, Australia. Abdelmajid Tribak – Environmental Consultant (ICESCO), Morocco. Jim Maloney – Retiree, USA. Julie Stuckey – Animal Lover, USA. Kaytlyn Creutzberg – Coach: Soul Care for Earth Care (Katalyst Change), Canada. Marek Oziewicz – Professor of Children's Literature (University of Minnesota – Twin Cities), USA. Annie Cohen – Artist, Australia. Ombeline Ogier – Environmental Researcher, France. Muriel Bannier – Nurse, Switzerland. Julian Rutten – Design Researcher (Swinburne University), Australia. Kate Flood – PhD Researcher (National University of Ireland Galway), Ireland. Mariana Navarro – Student, Mexico. Céline Poppinga – Strategic Buyer, Germany. Lois Barnett – Classical Five Element Acupuncturist (Five Element Acupuncture and Awareness), USA. Michele Leigh Bosman – Teacher (Glenaeon Rudolf Steiner School), Australia. John Daniel – Teacher (Kindlehill School), Australia. Sandra Frain – Waldorf Education Gardening Teacher, Australia. Tamara Da Silva – Primary Class Teacher (Aurora Steiner School), Australia. Tillmann K Buttschardt – University Professor (Institute of Landscape Ecology, University of Münster), Germany. Emily Simon – Nature Lover, USA. Palanisamy Nagarajan – Emeritus Professor of Economics and Island Studies Teaching Fellow (University of Prince Edward Island), Canada. Nea Sta Maria – Environmental Planning Student (Miriam College), Philippines. Yuvaneswary Kulanthaippayan – Self-employed Person, Malaysia. Samantha Lonergan – Registered Mental Health Nurse and Earth Citizen, UK. Frej Pries Schmedes – Wildlife Rights Activist (Arternes Ambassade København), Denmark. Earl Byron – Aquatic Ecologist (UC Davis, retired), USA. Britta Rendlen – Nature Economy Explorer, South Africa. Morris Dean Courtney – Citizen of the World, USA. Jeffrey Fisk – Anaesthesiologist, USA. Melody McNeff – Human, USA. Momchil Daskalov – Start-up Co-founder, Netherlands. Gretel Van Wieren – Associate Professor of Religious Studies (Michigan State University), USA. Zebulun Klement – Student (Gonzaga University), USA. Paramesh Goswami – Literature and Philosophy Scholar (Listeners Foundation), India. Andrew Mauro – Naturalist and Educator, USA. Shelley Peters – Case Manager (SW Washington Agency on Aging and Disabilities), USA. Dr Fiona Doris – Botanist, Ireland. Dr Cathy Fitzgerald – Ecoliteracy Educator for Creative Sector and Ecosocial Artist (Haumea Online Ecoliteracy Services), Ireland. Karen Nolan – Illustrator and Designer, Ireland. Kathleen Smythe – Professor of History and Sustainability (Xavier University), USA. Angelica Fisher – Undergraduate of Ecotourism and Outdoor Leadership (Mount Royal University), Canada. Dr Robert Butler – Journalist and Geographer, UK. Geoffrey Thomas – Environmental Philosopher, Hungary. Hussam Hawwa – Engineer and CEO (Difaf SAL), Lebanon. Theresia Guschlbauer – Creative Producer, Ireland. Åsa Frankenberg – Artist, Sweden. Theodore Bonis – PhD Candidate in Philosophy (Aristotle University of Thessaloniki), Greece. Helen Gampper – Student (Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz), Germany. Gary Wockner – NGO Executive Director, USA. Dr Karen I Shragg – Overpopulation Activist (Move Upstream Environmental Consulting), USA. Neil Taylor – Consulting Manager, Australia. Mark Venuti – Attorney, USA. Susan Coleman – Clinical Psychologist, Australia. Marie-Josee De Grace – Concerned Citizen, Canada. Ciel-Adrienne Vinadetta – Student (University of Gloucestershire), UK. Liam Baker – Student (Nottingham Trent University), UK. Roberta Wall – Trainer in Nonviolent Communication (Steps2peace), USA. Chance Cutrano – Director of Programs (Resource Renewal Institute), USA. Thomas Duffy – Maker, Performer, and Sharer of Experience, Ireland. Benjamin Freud, PhD – Co-Founder (Coconut Thinking), Thailand. Lisa Maria Madera – Storyteller, Ecuador. Alder MoonOak – Professor (College of Central Florida), USA. Stephen S Mulkey – Lecturer (University of Florida), USA. Martin Drenthen – Environmental Philosopher (Radboud University), Netherlands. Hugh Jansman – Ecologist (WUR), Netherlands. Katherine Moseley – Ecotherapist, UK. Juba – Graphic Designer, Morocco. Tammie Vivian Brodie Hayes – Dance Artist and Somatic Educator, Ireland. Peggy English – World Citizen, USA. Kaley Makino – Writer (University of Michigan, Ann Arbor), USA. Heather E Ward, PhD – Independent Scholar, USA. Seta Svetoslavova Raynova, Netherlands. Genevieve Beaufoy – Student (University of Leeds), UK. Elke van Riel – Journalist, Netherlands. John Milne – Retiree, UK. Suzana Barbosa – Founder (Rewildnow), Denmark. Elspeth Stirling – Secretary and Trustee Scottish Badgers, UK. Rain Ananael, USA. Dr Benjamin Habib – Senior Lecturer in Politics and International Relations (La Trobe University), Australia. Susan Anne Bayliss – Holistic Therapist and Poet, UK. Chris Alderman – One of Gaia's Cells, USA. Laura Trabandt – Earth Protector, Austria. Ron Ivancic – Arborist, Canada. Alessandra Scagliarini – Professor (Alma Mater Studiorum Università di Bologna), Italy. Janet Harwood – Environmental Volunteer, Australia. Jane Flurry, USA. Carla Sbert – Ecological Law Researcher, Canada. William P Mueller – Director Emeritus (Western Great Lakes Bird and Bat Observatory), USA. Edel Dillon Jennings – Postgrad Student, Ireland. Christy Brown – Counselor (University of North Florida), USA. Hilda Luna – Professor (Universidad Autónoma de Nuevo León), Mexico. José Antonio Vergara, MD – Public Health Epidemiologist, Chile. Alexa Coyne – Photographer, USA. Judith Pino, PhD – Clinical Chemist, USA. Amelia Caulfield – Socially Engaged Artist, Ireland. Jannegreet Korthuis – Student of Environmental Science (Utrecht University), Netherlands. Eva Falk-Drake – Student, UK. Deirdre Southey – Artist, Ireland. Estibaliz Errazquin Cubillo – Facilitator, Ireland. Mary Hoy – Artist, Ireland. Lourdes Arguelles – Dharma Teacher and Psychotherapist, USA. Eva Koch – Business Economist, Germany. Susie Kelly – Ecosocial Visual Artist (Crawford MTU), Ireland. Paul A Kane – Architect, USA. Katharine Burke – Regenerative Design Practitioner (Small Earth Institute), Norway. Dr Fred Cichocki – Ecologist, USA. Leo Prieto – Founder and CEO (Odd Industries), Chile. Zhang Yujia – Student, China. Robert Cleary – Environment Officer, Australia. Jean Herbert – Writer, Mother and Gardener, Ireland. Christopher O'Brien – Retiree, Canada. Louise Taylor – Ecotherapist and Ecoacademic (Queen's University Belfast), Ireland. Sarah Lovett – Artist, Ireland. Annette Kaye – Spiritual Director, Therapist and Artist, UK. Helen Robbins – Artist, Ireland. Sheree Colley – Occupational Therapist, Australia. Len Puglisi – Retired Town Planner, Australia. Wayne Martin Mellinger, PhD – Independent Scholar (Institute for Dionysian Naturalism), USA. Bo Dahlin – Professor of Education, Sweden. Craig Sinclair – Social Ecologist, Australia. Giovanni Frigo – Researcher (Karlsruhe Intitute of Technology), Germany. Ramiro Daniel Crego, PhD, Ireland. Steven Liebig – Human Temp, USA. Aoife Dwyer – Artist and Educator, Ireland. Lora Wedge – Educator and Activist, USA. Irikefe V Dafe – President (Foundation for Conservation of Nigerian Rivers and River Ethiope Trust Foundation), Nigeria. Susan Lea Smith – Environmental and Natural Resources Law Professor (Willamette University), USA. Wayne McMillan – Researcher (Economic Reform Australia), Australia. Gregory Whitehead – Artist, Writer and Extinction Rebel, USA. Annette Bögelein – Journalist and Biologist, Germany. Ben Carr – Gardener, UK. Heather Alberro – Lecturer in Global Sustainable Development (Nottingham Trent University), UK. Dominique Ghijselinck – MSc Student in Environmental Science, Belgium. Mary MacCallum Sullivan – Psychotherapist, UK. Andy Drumm – Environmental Consultant, UK. Terrence Charles Peterson – Data Analyst, USA. Jakob Jespersen – Member of Life on Earth, Denmark. Dianne Wride – Childcare Educator, Australia. Ivan Wride – Retiree, Australia. Ellen Hampson – Teacher in Environmentalism and Philosophy (St Andrew's College), New Zealand. Gary Lockhart – Engineer (University of British Columbia), Canada. Aiseling Noone – Artist, Ireland. Emilia Pramova – Researcher, Germany. Charles Fredricks – Documentary Filmmaker, USA. Lucia Schuetz – Ecological Citizen, Germany. John Steward – Executive Director (Wild Tomorrow Fund), USA. Dr Kevan Manwaring – Senior Lecturer in Creative Writing (Arts University Bournemouth), UK. Erin Baldridge – Retiree, USA. Peter Saeed Loewenstein – Environmental Studies Major, USA. Mark Leonard French – Architect and Experimental Farmer, Thailand. Mashudu Ramano – Entrepreneur in Transition, South Africa. David G Brice – Chief Sustainability Officer (, Australia. Alan Ware – Researcher (Population Balance), USA. Sarah Christensen – Pre-service Teacher (Southern Cross University), Australia. Cheyenne Chrisp – Sound Healer (USC), USA. Tami Masuoka – MA Student in Conservation Biology, USA. Gordon Eaglesham – Nature Journalist, UK. Kate Ferris – PhD Student and Academic Tutor (University of Melbourne), Australia. Sinead Curran – Artist and Lecturer, Ireland. Claudia Cencini – Student (University of Groningen), Netherlands. Dr Julia Mullins Imrie – Environmental Scientist and Educator, Australia. Colin Imrie – Furniture Maker, Australia. Margot Stephens – Sculptor, Australia. Joyful Anne – Artist, Australia. Paola Catizone – Artist, Ireland. Claire Loder – Artist, UK. Eric-Simeon Boll – Being, Germany. Helen Morris-Ridout – Educator, UK. Melissa Percy – Environmentalist, Canada. Merrie Kroll – Student (University of Washington), USA. Line Nødland – Nurse, Norway. Marcelo de Trói – PhD Researcher (NuCuS/IHAC), Brazil. Amanda Whiles – Person, Australia. Christopher Jones – Homo sapiens (by chance, not choice), Australia. Simon J Pittman – Ecologist (Oxford Seascape Ecology Lab, University of Oxford), UK. Margo Farnsworth – Biomimicry Educator and Author, USA. Ena Williams – Person working with Sustainable Specialty Crops, USA. Colin Fox – Retired Scientist, UK. Debby Fox – Retiree and Concerned Grandparent, UK. Lakshmi Venugopal – Founder (Inner Climate Academy), India. Linda MacCammon – Theological Ethicist, USA. Estefania Gamarra – Creature of the Earth, Bolivia. Sally Kidall – Environmental Artist, Australia. Maya Jean Lis – Student, USA. Fernando Piuma – Director (Deep Quanta Institute), USA. Stéphane Arnoux – Farmer and Researcher, Île de la Réunion. Vincent Leek – Environmental Science Student (University of Newcastle), Australia. Joakim Björn Stattin – Student, Sweden. Andrea Gozio – Environmental Scientist (University of Padova), Italy. Robin J Crews – Peace Studies Scientist, USA. Stephen Laurence Garthwin – Retired Science Teacher, Australia. Scott C Haley – Retired Environmental Geographer, USA. Lorna Murphy – Environmental Artist (Creativity & Change, Munster Technology University), Ireland. Petra Oorthuijs – Facilitator in Nature System Constellations, Ireland. Ashleigh Ellis – Eco Artist and Facilitator, Ireland. Silke Michels – Artist and Mindfulness Teacher, Ireland. Carol-Anne Connolly – Artist, Ireland. Kathryn Bricker, USA. Natasha Mayo – Senior Lecturer (Cardiff School of Art and Design), UK. Shannon Carroll – Curator and Art Historian, Ireland. Srae Christensen – Mental Health Counsellor, USA. Robert – Student (Wheaton College), USA. Austin Persons – Ethnobotanist (Frostburg State University), USA. Greg Slatter – Park Ranger, Canada. Natasha Seegert – Associate Professor (University of Utah), USA. Vaughn Lovejoy – Fridays for Future supporter, USA. Cameron Smith – Writer, Canada. Michael Jeffery – Guide, Canada. Barbara Bauer – Ecologist, Germany. Dr Flavia Occhibove – Research Scientist, Italy. Zachary Johnson – Instructor (University of Utah), USA. Fiona Wilton (The Gaia Foundation), Uruguay. Valeria Berros – Professor (UNL-CONICET), Argentina. Lanna Thays Portela Moraes – Lawyer, Brazil. Stephen Tatum – Emeritus Professor of English, USA. Brett William – Artist, USA. Gregory Matthew Mikkelson – Independent Scholar, Canada. Daniel F Connolly – Graduate Teaching Assistant (University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point), USA. Nina Newington – Writer, Gardener and Forest Protector, Canada. Andrew Fellows – Author, Deep Ecologist, and Jungian Analyst, Switzerland. Antoine C Dussault – Philosophy Teacher (Collège Lionel-Groulx), Canada. Phoebe Barnard – CEO and Professor of Environmental Futures (Stable Planet Alliance and Universities of Washington and Cape Town), USA. Anne Fuller – Outdoorswoman, USA. Heather Francois – Concerned Citizen of Earth, USA. Michael James Riegert, USA. Dragoljub Todić – Professor of Environmental Law (Institute of International Politics and Economics), Serbia. Barry Solomon – Professor Emeritus of Environmental Policy (Michigan Technological University), USA. Karen Vickers – Ecologist (Nsasani Trust), South Africa. Sarah Hyde – Naturopath, UK. Taiwo Adesola Akintoye – Researcher and Librarian (University of Calabar), Nigeria. Dr Joanna Smallwood – Lecturer in Environmental Law (University of Sussex), UK. Dante Carvalho Targa – Professor, Brazil. Anne Ooms – Artist, Australia. John Popielaski – Teacher and Writer, USA. Daniel Smuskowitz – Master's Student (Macquarie University), Australia. Rüdiger Andrasch – Medical Doctor, Germany. Tiago de Nazareth Paes Vilas Boas – Sustainable Designer, Netherlands. Vivienne Beatrice Turner – Ecoactivist, Australia. Annabel Hollis, UK. Jozette Grace Khimba – Teacher, UK. Maureen Ash – Tree Sister, UK. Joshua Cutts – Doctoral Candidate (Temple University), USA. Teresa da-Silva-Rosa, PhD, Brazil. Robert McLean – Editor (Climate Conversations), Australia. Ezinne Okoroafor – Academic (Alvan Ikoku Federal College of Education), Nigeria. Rhoda Meador – Environmental Scholar (Retirees in Service to the Environment), USA. Dan Meegan – Associate Professor of Psychology (University of Guelph), Canada. Kim Kindler – Nature Lover, Australia. Corinna J Moebius, PhD – Cultural Anthropologist and Deep Ecologist, USA. Stephen Crilly – Attorney and Author (44 Virtues), USA. Samantha Udeagwu – Account Manager, UK. Michael Chew – Rotary Peace Fellow (Stories for Change), Australia. Jonathan Leibowitz – Executive Director (Northeast Wilderness Trust), USA. John Marhoefer – Student (University of Colorado–Boulder), USA. Andrew J Luk, MD, MPH, USA. Christine Walters – Lecturer in Religion (University of Hawai'i), USA. Robert Cluck – Concerned Ecocentric, USA. David Inward – Citizen Scientist Recording Wildlife, UK. Jitske Fransens – Global Responsibility and Leadership Student (University of Groningen), Netherlands. János Vargha – Environmentalist, Hungary. Kim Gates – Engineer, USA. Nigel Cooper – Conservation Biologist (Anglia Ruskin University), UK. David Millar – Doctor, Australia. Michael DesRosier – Student (University of Montana), USA. Klaus Ramalho von Behr – PhD Candidate in Sustainable Development (University of Brasília), Brazil. Geof Rayner – Public Health Writer, UK. Nadine Canter – Sustainability and Communications Studies Scholar, USA. Ivan Lee Weir, USA. Dr Joy Green – Environmental Geographer, UK. Walter George Davies – Wildlife Ecologist, Australia. Ian Alderdice – Human Person, UK. Nandita Bajaj – Executive Director (Population Balance), USA. Christina Meyers – Project Officer (Australian Earth Laws Alliance), Australia. Shaunti S Kiehl – Environmentalist, Australia. Toos Töben – Student (WUR), Netherlands. Chris Curry – Nature Restoration Activist, UK. John Mirisch – Council Member and three-time Mayor (City of Beverly Hills), USA and Sweden. Mary Loretta McGillis – Ecocentrist, Canada. Young Min Kim – Graduate Student (Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences), Netherlands. Thi PhuongTram Vo – Research Student (University of Technology Sydney), Australia. Bart Schultz – Senior Lecturer (University of Chicago), USA. Jon Sherman – Ecomusician, USA. Dylan Christopher Sullivan – Student (Landmark College), USA. Lee Crocker – Associate Professor (Landmark College), USA. Jill Berryman – Nature Therapy Guide, New Zealand. Tito Damião – Impact evaluation expert (Universidade Aberta), Portugal. Martin Sharman – Member of One of Earth's Species, Sweden. Carlos Aldunate Balestra – Journalist, Chile. Dr David Teevan – Researcher, Creative Producer and Arts Consultant, Ireland. Francisco Javier Duque Serrano – Environment Coordinator (Universidad La Laguna, Canarias), Spain. Brigid Teehan – Artist, Ireland. Irene Tanner – Artist and Filmmaker, Ireland. Dr Felipe Gusmao – Professor of Conservation (Federal University of Saão Paulo), Brazil. Iain Brown – Climate and Sustainability Scientist (University of Dundee), UK. María Linares – Sustainability Student (Arizona State University), USA. J Rudolf Dietrich – Wildlife Ecologist (Wildtierforschung Region Basel), Switzerland. Hernando Bernal Zamudio – General Coordinator (Red Internacional), Spain. Natasha Child (Bath Spa University), UK. Clémentine Fraunié – Biophile and Student (University of Oslo), Norway. Danielle Kellogg – Agile Coach and Native Gardener, USA. Anna Likos – Activist, Finland. Sherri Shabestari – Army Veteran, USA. Phil Reilly – Retired Ecologist and Former Nursery Owner, Canada. Brian Romer – Publisher, USA. Steve Morvell – Artist for Conservation (Steve Morvell Art For Conservation), Australia. Jonas Kissling, MSc – Co-founder of Studio Eidola (Studio Eidola), Switzerland. Sissy Kalabouka – Preschool Teacher (University of Thessaly), Greece. Thomas Wiedmann – Professor of Sustainability Research (University of New South Wales Sydney), Australia. Michelle Merrill – Founder and Community Organizer (Novasutras), USA. Charles Phillips – Retired Environmentalist, USA. Jean Brocklebank – Lifelong Environmentalist, USA. Jeanne M Zemaitis – Human Being, USA. Mica Bohacek – Student, Sweden. Nicholas Benner, USA. Craig Bickle – Orchardist, USA. Tony Hiss – Writer and Lecturer, USA. Kiera O'Toole – Artist, Ireland. Martin Matthews – Artist, Ireland. Frank Forencich – Author, USA. Ellowen – Artist, Ireland. Catriona Leahy – Artist and Lecturer in Fine Art, Ireland. Joanne Irene McCrum – Graphic Designer, UK. Jenn Houle – Visual Artist and Educator, USA. Brid Colloton – Visual Artist, Ireland. Carlos Eduardo Morreo – Editor (Green Agenda), Australia. Ernie Hacko Haglund – Biologist (Karlstad University), Sweden. Samuel Shaw – Student (Nottingham Trent University), UK. Oliver Kunz – Solar Energy Researcher (University of New South Wales Sydney), Australia. Sabine – College Professor, USA. Tema Milstein – Associate Professor of Environment & Society (University of New South Wales), Australia. Carlos A Tarin – Assistant Professor (University of Texas at El Paso), USA. Mohamad Faazeli – Master of Science in Human Ecology, Iran. Peter Horsley – Retired Lecturer and Activist, New Zealand. Bronwen Morgan – Professor of Law (University of New South Wales Sydney), Australia. Madeline Canmann – Researcher (Population Balance), USA. Lyb Makin – PhD Candidate (University of New South Wales), Australia. Élisabeth Gauvreau – Fiction Writer and Poet, Canada. Cynthia Brown Seiler – Educator and Writer, USA. Yagmur Gungor – Ecocentric Dreamer (New York University), Turkey. Mulugeta Awayehu – PhD Candidate in Environmental Education (Norwegian University of Science and Technology), Ethiopia. Snehal Sompura – Concerned Person (IGNOU), India. Marina Oliveira de Souza Dias – Professor of Law (Federal University of São Paulo), Brazil. Natasha Ariff – Ecological Landscape Artist–Designer, Ireland. Lucia Jadudova – Master's Student in European Private Law (University of Amsterdam), Netherlands. Dijana Veljanovska – Law Student (RMIT), Australia. Ronald Taggaoa – PhD Student, Philippines. Mette Skjold Rotbøll – Purpose-led Founder, Switzerland. Rita Lemkuil – Student (UW – Green Bay), USA. Franz Weber – Human Being, Germany. Dawn Merryweather – Student (The Open University), UK. Geoff Desa – Professor of Management and Sustainability (San Francisco State University), USA. Dr George Lueddeke – Global Lead (International One Health for One Planet Education Initiative), UK. Annemarie Tomlinson – Concerned Citizen, New Zealand. Edvaldo Pereira Queiroz Junior – Chemist (Universidade Federal da Bahia), Brazil. Arifa Goodman – Wild Earthling Family Member, USA. James Lakusta – Retired Forestry Professional, Canada. RVLN Raju – Banker (Bank of India), India. Bill Janus – Professor of History (University of Montana Western), USA. David P Barash – Professor of Psychology Emeritus (University of Washington), USA. Judith Eve Lipton, MD – Physician, USA. Navodita Mathur – Student (University of Pittsburgh), USA. Luiz Anselmo Costa Nascimento Ifanger – PhD Student, Brazil. Robert Bonner Campbell – Housing Tradesman, USA. Sophie Van Van Milligen – Religious Studies Student, Netherlands. Bharat Sharma – PhD Student (Jawaharlal Nehru University), India. André Ruivo Martins Balças – Manager, Portugal. Kim Stringfellow – Professor Emeritus (San Diego State University), USA. Agne Gintalaite – Artist, Lithuania. Betül Sakınan – Teacher (Mersin Üniversitesi), Turkey. Tom David Siebert – Clinical Chaplain, USA. Sarkawt Jalil – PhD Candidate in International Environmental Law, Iraq. Ferruccio Cavallin – Psychologist (IUSVE), Italy. Rossie Kadiyska – Professor (Humber College), Canada. Phoenix Kipping – Student, Australia. Michael Honey – Activist, Australia. Nathaniel Knox – Student (Bowling Green State University), USA. Kiran Sandhu – Teacher (Guru Nanak Dev University), India. Augustin Rosa – Publisher, Slovakia. Nadine Canter – Communications Director (Northeast Wilderness Trust), USA. Benedict Furness – Deep Ecologist (University of Exeter), UK. Priscila Camargo Ramalho – Researcher (UNICAMP), Brazil. Sarah-Jane Cobley – Herbalist, UK. Fambai Shasha – Pastor-cum-Realtor, Zimbabwe. Danielle Vecchio – Wiccan and Founder (Pagan Pathways), Australia. Dawn Critchley – Designer, UK. Andrea Scott – Theatre Artist, Ireland. Elfo Zoccheddu – Student (Falmouth University), UK. Jen Castle – Eco-artist, Rewilder, and ARKitect, Ireland. Weston A Raynak – Environmental Studies Student (Gonzaga), USA. Linda Quinlan – Visual Artist, Ireland. Oonagh O'Dwyer – Tutor and Writer, Ireland. Thomas C Schrot – Forester, USA. Anne Mitchell – Wildlife and Native Plant Gardener, USA. Jean-Paul Bourque – Retiree, Canada. Margaretha Maria Brouwer – Astrophysicist, The Netherlands. Bernadette Kiely – Visual Artist, Ireland. Don Painter – Human Being, USA. Sabine Ehrenfeld – Retiree, USA. Karen Wojcinski – Retired Teacher, USA. Madeleine Baker – Ecology Student (University of Leeds), UK. Francesca Grasso – PhD Student (University of Turin), Italy. Jeffrey-Louis – Waterologist and Permaculturist (Planet One Solutions), USA and Mexico. Shannon Secco Enzenauer – Graduate Student and Marine Biologist, USA. Ewald Jooste – Veterinarian, Australia. John Hitchcock, PhD – Physicist, Astronomer, Spiritual Director and Author, USA. Carrie Hitchcock – Animist and Author, USA. Ana Paula Kozaka da Encarnação – Student of Environmental Science and Technology (UFGD), Brazil. Renee Doyle – Nature Narcissist, Australia. Ava Cabbani – Social Psychology Undergraduate (Leeds Beckett), UK. Jessub Kim – Software Developer, Australia. Berney McElroy – Father and parent, Australia. Barry Gates – Ecological Forest Manager (Trust for Sustainable Forestry), Canada. Róisín Lewis – Artist, Ireland. Joshua Kauffman – Founder (Ground Effect), Switzerland. Hal Anjo, USA. Herman Greene – President (Center for Ecozoic Studies), USA. Nora Kleinbub – Citizen, France. Heather Alberro – Senior Lecturer in Global Sustainable Development (Nottingham Trent University), UK. Chiara Santandrea – Interaction Design Student (Politecnico di Milano – School of Design), Italy. Alison K Dyer – Poet, Canada. Maisie Paddon – Environmental Writer and Researcher (Sustainable Voices), UK. Andrew Kurt Niebler – Attorney and Portfolio Manager (Karner Blue Capital), USA. Leila Kincaid – Consciousness Research and Writer (California Institute of Integral Studies), USA. Susan Meeker-Lowry – Author and Activist, USA. Michael P Totten – CEO (ASSETs for Life), USA. Cherilynn Domer – Teacher, USA. Izabela – Student, Poland. Jason Polak – Wildlife Photographer, Brazil. Quintin Peter Herbst – Holistic Health Education and Wellness Consultant, South Africa. Peter G Brown – Emeritus Professor (McGill University), Canada and USA. Matthew R Jamnik – Ecopsychologist, USA. Kirsten Hughes – Farm-to-Table Chef, USA. Ina Gjikondi – Director, Executive Education and Coaching (George Washington University), USA. Daniel Mages – Adjunct Professor of Philosophy (Chaffey College), USA. Tiffany Barry – Nature-Based Therapist, USA. Olivia Hinds – Climate Project Assistant (Institute for Climate, Water, and the Environment), USA. Jennie Morris – Philosopher and Educator, USA. Joachim Nieuwland – Philosopher (Utrecht University), Netherlands. Wirayudho Birowo – College Student (Universitas Nasional), Indonesia. Ryan Runkewich – Concerned Citizen, USA. Doug Belknap – Psychologist, USA. Matthew Burke – Research Associate (University of Vermont), USA. Joffy Conolly – Teacher and Doctoral Researcher (University of Oulu), Finland.