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Lies, misconceptions and global agriculture

Colin Tudge

The Ecological Citizen Vol 2 No 1 2018: 77–85

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Global food strategies, government policies, academic research programmes and popular literature are informed by ideas about food and agriculture that in large part are ill-founded and untrue: that the world needs to produce more and more food to keep pace with rising population and particularly with the increasing 'demand' for meat; that we need crops and livestock that are ever more productive; that the extra food we are supposed to need can be provided only by high-tech means – and particularly by the use of genetically modified organisms; that it is more 'efficient' and therefore necessary to reduce the farm labour force; that organic farming must always be niche. Uncritical acceptance of these ideas is preventing development of strategies that could solve the world's food problems and a great deal more besides.



Agriculture, Sustainability