The Ecological Citizen: A peer-reviewed ecocentric journal

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Vol 5 No 1 2021

Issue with partial focus on human overpopulation

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Got nitrogen? On the links between nitrogen pollution and overpopulation
Editorial  [Pages: 3–10]
Crist E
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The most ethical gift: Towards a sustainable demographic future
Opinion  [Pages: 14–15]
Bish J
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The pangolin is not the culprit and species do not mount invasions
Opinion  [Pages: 16–18]
Cardini A
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Overpopulation denial syndrome
Reflection  [Pages: 23–8]
Maynard R
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Don’t confuse a symptom with the problem: Overpopulation, not climate change, is the real emergency
Reflection  [Pages: 29–32]
Weld M
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WITNESS: Order Sirenia
Witness  [Pages: 37–42]
Crist E
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The moral imperative to reduce global population
Long article  [Pages: 47–54]
Hedberg T
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Just population policies for an overpopulated world
Long article  [Pages: 55–64]
Cafaro P
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Criticizing Muir and misunderstanding the foundation of American nature conservation
Long article  [Pages: 65–73]
Byers BA
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Continuous dissent and the limits of reason: Ecocentric decision-making for resistance
Long article  [Pages: 74–81]
Feather P
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Poetry section from The Ecological Citizen Vol 5 No 1
Poetry section  [Pages: 83–92]
Postnikov V (Editor)
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Fiction section from The Ecological Citizen Vol 5 No 1
Fiction section  [Pages: 93–8]
Gray J (Editor)
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